Countdown to Christmas – Advent Calendar Day 19

Wandering the streets of London in late November, there is little more promising than spotting the first Christmas decorations going up, clutching a Starbucks red cup between your cold hands. Ever since I moved to the UK in 2005, Starbucks red cups have made it onto the list of ‘Things that make me feel Christmassy’.

I have always liked Starbucks, but have grown really fond of it shortly after little L was born. Not only did my local Starbucks welcome the screaming bundle and me with open arms in the wee hours (7:30 on a Sunday morning). They also provided me with my favourite Vanilla Latte & Tuna Melt breakfast – fuel to keep me going after yet another sleepless night.

Free babyccinos and free WiFi are only two of the reasons Starbucks still are one of my favourite coffee places. I just love their inclusive attitude. No matter if you are a business person on the way to your next meeting, a shopper in search for a spot of cake or a mother with a young child – there’s a space for everyone.

Behind today’s Advent Calendar door waits a £50 Starbucks card. That’s a lot of coffee and cake.

And the Starbucks card goes to: Maria @ Feisty Tapas. Congratulations! Please email me and I will pass on your details.

As for tomorrow – something pretty, something sparkly…

Leave a comment below to be in the draw for the 20th day of the Advent Calendar.


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