Countdown to Christmas – Advent Calendar Day 19

Wandering the streets of London in late November, there is little more promising than spotting the first Christmas decorations going up, clutching a Starbucks red cup between your cold hands. Ever since I moved to the UK in 2005, Starbucks red cups have made it onto the list of ‘Things that make me feel Christmassy’.

I have always liked Starbucks, but have grown really fond of it shortly after little L was born. Not only did my local Starbucks welcome the screaming bundle and me with open arms in the wee hours (7:30 on a Sunday morning). They also provided me with my favourite Vanilla Latte & Tuna Melt breakfast – fuel to keep me going after yet another sleepless night.

Free babyccinos and free WiFi are only two of the reasons Starbucks still are one of my favourite coffee places. I just love their inclusive attitude. No matter if you are a business person on the way to your next meeting, a shopper in search for a spot of cake or a mother with a young child – there’s a space for everyone.

Behind today’s Advent Calendar door waits a £50 Starbucks card. That’s a lot of coffee and cake.

And the Starbucks card goes to: Maria @ Feisty Tapas. Congratulations! Please email me and I will pass on your details.

As for tomorrow – something pretty, something sparkly…

Leave a comment below to be in the draw for the 20th day of the Advent Calendar.


  1. I love the eggnogg lattes, I will genuinely be very upset in January when they are gone- please enter me for tomorrow.

    I’m really sad it didn’t quite work at the weekend- it’s a shame I have to work or I could pop over one day- I’m at work today with barely any voice which is a bit daft though good for catching up on paperwork I guess! x

  2. There isn’t a Starbucks within 30 miles! I guess that is what you give for living in the sticks. Oh tomorrow is my birthday, you never know I might be lucky this time

  3. jessica whitehead-stevens (@jessws2011) says

    I love pretty and sparkly its my daughters middle name lol

  4. Please, count me in if the next present can be enjoyed even if you’re not living in England! Happy Christmas from Barcelona!

  5. Thank you so much Deborah! I’m so thrilled I won. Like Jen from The Mad House, I live in the countryside with the sticks and the sheep, the nearest Starbucks is about 10 miles away so nowadays it’s even more of a treat when I get to sit down at a Starbucks. If everything goes well we’ll soon be moving to a small town with one Starbucks very soon!

  6. Helen Gurman says

    I love Starbucks! We lived in Borneo and we even had a Starbucks there. I spent many a (very early) morning there with a baby, a toddler and a large latte!

    My little girl is poorly (better this week than next) so I’d love something pretty and sparkly to put a smile back on her face 🙂

  7. Andrea Morton says

    I’d love something pretty and sparkly,please enter me

  8. Sinikka B. says

    And another try… please kindly count me in for this draw, too…. 😉

  9. Karolina says

    I can’t believe I was right yesterday!! starbucks makes me feel super Christmassy as well. As for tomorrow, no idea but it sound very promising. Fingers crossed.

  10. Julie Hogg says

    Been some fantastic give aways so far, so fingers crossed for the next one then xx please enter me x

  11. Elizabeth Moreno - Otter says

    Very jealous of the Starbucks voucher. Count me in for tomorrow!

  12. Cheryl Schaffer says

    Well done, Maria! Enter me for tomorrows please 🙂

  13. Jae Baker says

    ooh sparkles, well if you cant have sparkles at christmas when can you have them

  14. Gabrielle Svensson says

    You can’t get wrong with something pretty and sparkly!

  15. Corinne Cirkovic says

    Please count me in for tomorrow – fabulous prizes!

  16. sheetal ahlawat says

    Congratulations to the lucky winners. Count me in for tomorrow 🙂

  17. linda round says

    count me in tomorrow! but will it top £50 of coffee?! x x x

  18. Clementina says

    I could use the vouchers on my overfeeding day. Yipppeeee!!! FYI, one day a week, you should overfeed. It keeps your metabolism revved up. No kidding 🙂

  19. Arabella Bazley says

    That’s an awful lot of coffee… I’d love to be in the sparkly draw, many thanks and kind regards.

  20. Definitely with you on the Starbucks love. It gets such a knocking, but for me they make a great pumpkin spice latte that I look forward to all year. Now here in the US of course Starbucks is on nearly every street corner – just trying to avoid clearing out the bank account with too many visits!!! Ho Ho Ho!

  21. Glenda Profit says

    We don’t have a starbucks near us, but I LOVE their hot chocolate!

  22. ali thorpe says

    Of all the things I would love to win, pretty and sparkly is number one! Please include me in the draw, thank you x

  23. Lisa Day says

    Pretty and sparkly i can’t resist i’m like a magpie lol. I’d like to enter the competition too please.

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