Countdown to Christmas – Advent Calendar Day 20

There’s a bit of added sparkle in today’s Advent Calendar. A set of three gorgeous charm bracelets, courtesy of cutey.

Jewelry company cutey was created to provide a range of affordable charm bracelets, whilst maintaining a very high quality product. When the company launched in 2012, there seemed to be only two types of charm bracelets in the market: high end and very high priced or low priced and usually poorly designed. cutey launched last September with an initial range of bracelets and are looking forward to launch further bracelets, individual charms and DIY bracelets in early 2012.

You can now follow them on twitter to find out more.

And the cutey bracelets go to Julie Hogg. Congratulations! Please email me and I will pass on your details.

As for tomorrow – for the last time in this year’s Advent Calendar, something to make the little ones happy…

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