Countdown to Christmas – Advent Calendar Day 1

Who likes to be photographed in their pyjamas? Me neither! But fear no more, unwrapping presents on Christmas morning in your PJs doesn’t have to be unglamorous. Behind the first door of the Advent Calendar waits a gorgeous cotton flannel pyjama from Charlotte & Co.

Choose one of three lovely prints: stars, butterflies or flowers; all are super soft and cosy.

Charlotte & Co. is all about style and comfort: clothes that you wear at home and look great in. The brand was launched by Charlotte Semler in 2006 and has grown fast since then.

And the PJ goes to: Sarah Williams. Congratulations! Please email me your address and your size, and I will pass it on to Charlotte & Co. to send you your prize.

As for tomorrow – if you’ve got a little person you need a present for, this could be your ticket. Leave a comment below to be in the draw for the 2nd day of the Advent Calendar.


  1. I’d love to win something tomorrow, today’s PJs look amazing!
    baby is spoilt so I could do with a present, but there is no reason why I shouldn’t try a few days, right?

  2. esther james says

    exciting news about the novel. Congratulations! Would love to play tommorrow

  3. Carolinesweetie says

    What a fab prize for day one. Bring it on for day 2. (although I’m not wishing the days away too quickly as I’ve nothing bought yet).

  4. those are lovely! and I need some PJ’s for Christmas so I might just put these on my list

  5. Laura Goodison says

    How exciting! Pretty please count me in for day 2! x

  6. Robyn Clarke says

    What a fantastic idea.

    Please count me in for day 2.

  7. Gabrielle Svensson says

    lovely PJ’s shame I missed yesterdays draw. Please count me in for Day 2 x

  8. Congratulations to Sarah!

    Beautiful Jammy’s! Can’t wait to see tomorrows advent!! 🙂


  9. Maria says

    Count me in for the Advent Calendar! Please count me in for Day 2. Thanks!

  10. Hi! If international readers are welcome, please, count me in! Thanks! Marta García from Barcelona, Spain

  11. Gutted i missed the pyjamas. Please enter me into tomorrows draw. Thanks x

  12. maureen moss says

    Count me in for the Advent Calendar! Please count me in for Day 2. Thanks!

  13. Lucy Pasifull says

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh those PJ’s look so snuggly. Please include me in tomorrows draw.

  14. julie booth says

    How can the PJs be won already? It is still day 1?? Please enter me into draw for day 2.

  15. How lovely is this!

    I need presents – have been pretending Christmas won’t happen until after our building works are finished… suspect that reality will have to kick in at some point

  16. Paula Nixon says

    Fabulous, I love not knowing what we could win! Thanks for running such a great competition.

  17. Jae Baker says


  18. Claire Nelson says

    I have a little person and lots of little person friends too so please count me in!

  19. Jae Baker says

    I have little people to buy for this year 17 of them! and my sister in law is having her first baby at christmas

  20. Hello sweet – ohhh dammit I missed this yesterday and I heart these PJs!! Put me down for tomorrow! I wondered did you get my email about guest posting? Hope all is well with you…I was thinking about you the other day as I walked the puppy in fields that overlook Goodwood. Maybe next time! Lou x

  21. Charlie Heard says

    Ooh – those looked great. I’m sure my little ones would appreciate something “adventy”

  22. Arabella Bazley says

    Please enter me in Day 2, many thanks and kind regards.

  23. lucy osborne says

    would love to be entered as well please, i have 3 littleys to treat aaarrrggghhh

  24. Joanne Thompson says

    Please count me in for your advent competition!

  25. Helen Stratton says

    I would like to enter for tomorrow. Thank you.

  26. Charlotte says

    Please count me in again… what a great giveaway! Thanks

  27. How wonderful-I’d love to win something tomorrow especially as my little 23 month old has had an ear op (cue violins)-totally true story. What gorgeous pj’s.

  28. ooh me please …my little ones aren’t that little though could the prize be for an 8 or 10 year old

  29. Amanda Moss says

    Congratulations Sarah!
    I would love to enter the day 2 giveaway.
    Good Luck ev1 x

  30. Ben C says

    Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s surprise – I have a little person (or two) around the house!

  31. julie Naylor says

    Looking forward to seeing lovely prize. Thank you x

  32. Rebecca J Smith says

    Can’t wait to see what tomorrows prize is! I’d love something for my little person in my life =)

  33. beyond says

    i have 2 little persons around me so would be great to win something nice.

  34. Hannah Bartram says

    Would love to win something nice for my little people!

  35. Catherine Whittall says

    I’d love to enter for my little person 🙂

  36. Dejeniera says

    I’m a proud Auntie and can’t wait till tomorrow.

  37. FrenchCaro says

    Hehe, this Advent event is very popular, 67 comments already!
    Never mind, I would still like to add my name please.

  38. Kelly Reeves says

    I have 4 little people, so i’m very intriuged! ount me in please 🙂

  39. Christine Bray says

    Please add me to this Advent – ure!!! xxx thank you

    FB = Christine Bray
    Tweet @chrriss88

  40. Honora Livesey says

    What a lovely prize – Charlotte and co items are so lovely. Thanks for a fab giveaway!

  41. olivia kirby says

    please put me in! looking forward to seeing what it is! 🙂

  42. Elizabeth Williams (@bumps_2_babies) says

    can’t wait for tomorrow, fingers crossed

  43. angela wilkinson says

    yes i have two little sweeties and i love them to bits.xxxxx

  44. Claire Hughes says

    Ooooh, I’d love to be entered for day two please 🙂 x

  45. A humdrum mum says

    This will keep me coming back – um that’s the idea right? Here’s hoping I win! -HMx

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