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New beginnings

Shades of greige

Remember that I said I wanted to take it slow? Well, to tell it in twitter speak: #massivefail. I am not complaining, no, it’s all good. Life is happening at a fast pace and I am filling my plate with a soup ladle.

Quite suddenly and a bit unexpected, I found myself having a bout of so far lasting energy, and I am planning to make good use of it. There is a lot to do at the new place. We have completed in December and have since then spent every free minute assessing tiles, colour schemes or peeling off plaster to discover hidden treasures.

A gem of a tile

This flat is my second renovation project, thank God for that! The first time around was so much more intimidating; everything was new and I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. To put some icing on the cake, I was also heavily pregnant, and my builder (or his sudden disappearance after taking another advance payment from me) didn’t really comply with my increased nesting endeavours.

Fast forward three and a half years, and I am not only working together with the best builder in the world (his name is Bob, I mean, what could possibly go wrong?!), I am also a much more calm, collected and composed person. I am a mother. The secret is in the name.

Gotta go: bars in front of windows

I am actually enjoying myself. I love coming up with ideas for the kitchen, pencilling them onto plotting paper and sticking little magazine cut outs into my scrapbook. Even if that means staying up late into the night.

As the new place is a leasehold, all works have to be agreed by the owner of the freehold. I have sent our sketches off two days ago and am now hoping to hear from the surveyor soon. Hopefully we will get the consent to turn the apartment into the Art Deco inspired, Upper East Side glam-enthused, elegant and cosy home I am imagining it to be. #allfingerscrossed!


  1. New apartment looks lovely. We have just finished a (3 year) Georgian renovation, v hard work, stressful, demanding and did I say stressful? Well worth the effort on completion though. Also noticed new book completed – when do we get to read it, I am very curious???

  2. berni@scouseboysbabe says

    Wow I would so love a project like that to get my teeth into, unfortunately I’m dead on my feet just lately…..want to share the secret of your bout of energy PLEASE!!

  3. Margarita says

    Ooh, I’m so excited to see what you will be doing! I love the shade of “greige” on the left, it photographs well 😉

  4. Alice says

    I can’t wait. To see the decorating in progress and the end result!! X

  5. It will be so interesting to watch it all unfold on your blog. I too am in the throes of renovations – by the time it’s all done I will want something different!

  6. Aren’t those bars on the window for a reason? Perhaps you should check first and then consider some lovely Victorian scroll-y ones?

  7. Kelleyn says

    Looks like you have a ton of work ahead of you, but the possibilities are endless. Good Luck! Oh, we are going to Mannheim for the summer. My hubby is a professor and has been invited to work at a research insitute. Though it looks like we will actually be living in Heidelburg. I guess it will be easier to get the children into school there. Then it is off to Milan and Sicily with many stops along the way.

  8. Best of luck! I hope the owners agree to your suggestions. And if you could some of that energy you got going my way, that would be great 🙂

  9. it all sounds VERY exciting- also little L looks so grown up!

    very excited about seeing mood boards/ hearing about decor plans x

  10. ooh excited for you. Mebbee in London the builders don’t turn up that early but I have the builders in my basement right now and they start at 7am!! Too early….they expect me to be chipper too. I am so not a morning person.

  11. Bob The Builder?! Love it 🙂 May your energy last and your luck hold for a hassle-free project! x

  12. Sounds like you’re having great fun with it. I loved the year I did our remodel. I am the last person to ask about colour though – that was when we got in a good colour person and she was worth every penny. She made the mudroom a really strong orange which I thought was way too much at the time but now is my face colour. (We have a griege with a hint of lilac which is great with any colour)

  13. I love renovation!! It’s your chance to make the place completely yours. Looking forward to updates here. Have fun with it and good luck #allfingerscrossed x

  14. Aw so exciting and what a way to start the New Year. We miss our place in London and after doing it up it’s now our tenants home. Quite strange returning and seeing all their furniture but got to let it go. Enjoy every minute!

  15. Just found your blog today, loved your advent calendar idea, and your writing style . Sounds like you have a wonderful creative challenge for the year ahead (or a number of them!) Congratulations on finishing your first novel – will you be posting any initial extracts? I am a mother of 3 and have just started work again, only one day per week, and any other spare moments when the kids are sleeping!!! I am really enjoying it, and relieved that I was able to reactivate my brain! Good luck with your many ventures, which will no doubt be very successful! Mrs W

  16. Good luck with the redecoration! Just offer Bob the builder copious amounts of tea and he will be your best friend. Can’t believe how grown up your baby girl looks now!

  17. So funny, Bob the builder!! Exciting time, will love to watch your progress and great decorating ideas!

  18. I think when you’ve been through a reno once, you have that little extra experience and confidence to avoid some of the mistakes next time. Still – it can be stressful! Good luck with it. Looking forward to seeing the “after” pics.

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