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You know what I did last month...

Two weeks without broadband* may leave you feeling a little unsettled – especially as a blogger – but it also gives you a bit of a break from constantly being online. In fact, I found my evenings to be much more relaxing now that I stopped balancing my MacBook on my lap whilst having a conversation with my husband/eating dinner/watching TV/checking twitter. Being Internet free for a while really is a blessing, albeit one in disguise.

With all that extra time for random ponderings on my hands, I realised that we are heading towards two important birthdays. Both my babies will be three this year – the blog in February, followed closely by (a not quite so little anymore) little L in April. Three years of blogging – and three years of being a mum. In both cases, I have absolutely no idea where time has gone. Concerning the latter one at least, I have a glimpse of an idea why I am doing what I am doing.

Ponder, ponder, ponder… I am thinking about going back to school. MA in Creative Writing? Or rather English Literature? I haven’t made a decision yet, but plan to do so over the summer. There is a bit (read: an awful lot) of preparation to be done, including training for an IELTS (test for bloody foreigners like me whose first language isn’t English) and composing an application essay that will convince the university of my choice to take me on board. Despite my rather unorthodox background (Master in Economics, anybody?) and my lack of professional experience in that field.

Speaking of which, I am still not done with the re-edit of the novel – it’s taking forever and I am only inching my way through the chapters. Having a massive building project to manage doesn’t really help. Instead of extending the narrative and working on Charlotte’s emotional development throughout the book, I am deciphering requirements to comply with the freeholder’s desires.

Ponder, ponder, ponder some more… I think I have got a brilliant idea for a business. I am not sure if I am brave enough to start up my own company, or if I am willing to put little L into full time childcare. Or if I should at all consider having another person living with us.

I sometimes wish I possessed Big M’s pragmatism. ‘Go for it! Now that we get the American style fridge, we might as well have a live-in nanny.’

Well, that’s sorted then.

*Internet borrowed from neighbours not taken into account


  1. That all sounds rather exciting and good to get a plan – glad to hear that it’s all related to writing still! I know what you mean about not enough time and can absolutely relate to that scene of balancing the laptop on the sofa – that’s me too for the most part! Hope the plan comes together 🙂 C x

  2. Gosh you have a lot going around in your head right now – sounds a busy and exciting year ahead. Congrats on 3 years of the blog and surviving motherhood 3 years too! The Huzz and are are both having affairs with our new iPads and the house is falling down around us, so maybe we need some time with no internet connection too!

  3. I agree -time without internet can be a blessing in disguise. Congrats on the milestones and all the best with making big decisions.


  4. farfromhomemama says

    You must feel the constant tickle if butterflies in your tummy being on the cusp of so many exciting changes/opportunities. Bloody pain about the language issue for the MA – seems wrong with the quality of your writing.

  5. It’s good to have you back 🙂 I find that I’ve started to daydream about floor plans and fittings – must be time to finally kickstart this renovation project. I just hope it won’t result in too many domestic disagreements – too many divorces happening at the moment, I don’t want to be next! 🙂

  6. Life is exciting with so many projects and ideas, isn’t it? Confusing, worrisome, frustrating sometimes, but oh so very exciting 🙂 Enjoy!

  7. Sometimes it is good to have a break from the computer to come up for air and re-establish some balance before diving back in. I too have an entrepreneurial idea that I’d love to take the plunge with – you should, and so should I, otherwise they are just good ideas left whirling around our heads. (Like my book to date, at least you have taken action there!) x

  8. Sounds fabulous and great you have options. MA in Creative Writing sounds incredible and will be give you the time under great supervision and support to work on your novel and other ideas too hopefully. My MA in Direction precipitated my whole creative career. Take one thing at a time and if you feel you need a nanny then do it! Good luck x

  9. Gosh, what a lot of ideas. And how did you take that photo?

    How about doing the MA for a couple of years (is it 2 years?) and then Little L will be at school. That might make the decision re the business easier.

    Good luck with the IELTS test, because you’re really going to be struggling to scrape by with a pass on that one. (I remember reading your blog for ages before you mentioned that you weren’t a native Brit, and it had never occurred to me that you weren’t.)

  10. Mind blowing that they are making you take an IELTS test! I didn’t even realize you were foreign your english is that good. As for your future ….I reckon you should just follow your gut….but not if it leads to the donut shop of course.

  11. You speak English better than most English people so it will be a doddle.
    And are they all your wine glasses in the photo, or are you going to blame the neighbour?

  12. I loved my Creative Writing Diploma with the Open University. I think there is so much you can learn as a writer no matter how good you are. It was great to have peers to bounce ideas off, I did it all online and round kids in nearly my own time (12 hours a week) over 2 years. But it’s also lovely to immerse yourself in study fulltime! Good luck deciding 🙂

  13. Lovely to see you back – very excited to hear what the business idea might be! And a live-out nanny is an option – more flexible than a nursery, but without someone in your space all the time (its what we do and it works beautifully).

  14. Is that you in the photo? If so, are you being photographed by someone in a tethered hot air balloon or is it something slightly simpler?

    Also, can I jsut say, a phone, computer, book, complex plans plus two wine glasses AND crisps. That’s my kind of multitasking. I salute you!

  15. Doesn’t it just show you what happens when you actually do have time to ponder? I don’t ponder enough. Three minutes in the shower each day doesn’t even scratch the surface of my pondering time. I may have to lose my smartphone and bolt the door of the office where all things techy live.

    Good luck with your decisions though, each and every one sounds worth pursuing. Will pop back to see which route you take…

  16. Wow! You really are a busy bee. Doesn’t it make your stomach flip a bit when you think about how much you’ve got to do/are doing? I know I do. We hope to exchange on a property in a week’s time that we have to completely renovate (while living in rented thankfully) and I know I have to start thinking about packing/clearing out etc, but I’ve got my 3 kids’ birthdays all within the next 6 weeks, working and lots of other bits and pieces going on. OMG, can feel a panic attack coming on….Good luck to us!! B-R-E-A-T-H-E!

  17. Whatever you do, you seem to do so well. I can’t believe you have children and you’ve actually written a novel. Anything I write will just have to be a version of my blog as I can’t think of a plot…I can think of the characters well enough, but literally can’t get them across the road. I wrote this sort of post over New Years, where is my blog going etc…Still no idea.

  18. Ooh. I’m in the process of starting a business. It’s taking a long time but I’m really excited about the future and being my own boss. I thought of doing it last year but the time wasn’t right so I studied instead. I’d say whether it’s studying or setting up your own business, go with your gut instinct. When you’re ready to make that leap, you’ll know.

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