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You know what I did last month...

Two weeks without broadband* may leave you feeling a little unsettled – especially as a blogger – but it also gives you a bit of a break from constantly being online. In fact, I found my evenings to be much more relaxing now that I stopped balancing my MacBook on my lap whilst having a conversation with my husband/eating dinner/watching TV/checking twitter. Being Internet free for a while really is a blessing, albeit one in disguise.

With all that extra time for random ponderings on my hands, I realised that we are heading towards two important birthdays. Both my babies will be three this year – the blog in February, followed closely by (a not quite so little anymore) little L in April. Three years of blogging – and three years of being a mum. In both cases, I have absolutely no idea where time has gone. Concerning the latter one at least, I have a glimpse of an idea why I am doing what I am doing.

Ponder, ponder, ponder… I am thinking about going back to school. MA in Creative Writing? Or rather English Literature? I haven’t made a decision yet, but plan to do so over the summer. There is a bit (read: an awful lot) of preparation to be done, including training for an IELTS (test for bloody foreigners like me whose first language isn’t English) and composing an application essay that will convince the university of my choice to take me on board. Despite my rather unorthodox background (Master in Economics, anybody?) and my lack of professional experience in that field.

Speaking of which, I am still not done with the re-edit of the novel – it’s taking forever and I am only inching my way through the chapters. Having a massive building project to manage doesn’t really help. Instead of extending the narrative and working on Charlotte’s emotional development throughout the book, I am deciphering requirements to comply with the freeholder’s desires.

Ponder, ponder, ponder some more… I think I have got a brilliant idea for a business. I am not sure if I am brave enough to start up my own company, or if I am willing to put little L into full time childcare. Or if I should at all consider having another person living with us.

I sometimes wish I possessed Big M’s pragmatism. ‘Go for it! Now that we get the American style fridge, we might as well have a live-in nanny.’

Well, that’s sorted then.

*Internet borrowed from neighbours not taken into account


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