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There are two possible explanations for my recent feeling of queasiness. A) That fish and chips really was a bit dodgy. B) I am pregnant.

Yah, yah, you’ve read that right. She-of-the-lacking-broodiness is trying for a baby. Although the term ‘trying’ might be a bit misleading. I find the whole calculating of ‘good days’ rather off-putting. And don’t even get me started on going to sleep with your legs akimbo. We have dropped contraception and will see what happens. If anything happens.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS and told getting pregnant could be a bit of a struggle. Well, it wasn’t.

It’s funny how knowing that you (theoretically) can get pregnant makes you hold your breath once a month. I am trying my best not to get too excited about the whole idea, because with PCOS, you are much more likely to be faced with secondary infertility.

I would like to have another baby. Or let me put it that way: I wouldn’t mind another baby. I know that if I were pregnant and if I had that baby, I would love him just as much as I love little L. But there is no crazy longing for another baby. In fact, if it doesn’t happen within the next year, I am going to put it to rest and get one of these instead:

Of course I know that it’s not the same. But we are going to be just as happy. And only half as tired.


  1. Very exciting!! I wish you all the best!

    Every other person at school seems to be getting a puppy…they are rather lovely 🙂 XX

  2. Daniela says

    The dog is adorable!
    But on the other hand another Mini-You would be adorable, too 🙂
    Wishing you all the best! x

  3. aaah exciting times!!! If it doesn’t work out I recommend guinea pigs – although talking to them can get a bit frustrating at times

  4. Well good luck, and what will be, will be!
    And in the meantime, pop over to my blog again and enter the concert give-away as it’s for a London venue this time!

  5. I will say a little prayer for you! I know that feeling it took me a while to get pregnant with my last child. Good wishes sent your way!

  6. Definitely the best way to go about it. Relax and see what happens. Hopefully all good things, and they do outweigh the tiredness!

  7. I admire your ability to be so relaxed and philosophical about it.

    Interesting that you assume a second child would be a boy…

  8. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you. I have PCOS and like you found it very easy to get pregnant so sure you will be fine and second time will be easy. Have you had blood tests at the doctors to check you are ovulating? Ovulation tests you can buy from the chemist can also save time and can help you plan to hit the right days. Good luck x

  9. The holding of the breath every month is something I’ll never get used to. I can’t wait until I don’t have to anymore.
    My fingers are crossed for you – I hope you get the baby and the puppy! x

  10. so exciting! and a very happy attitude I think. Ideally a little person and a dog would be perfect x

  11. Good Luck honey, as a mum of 4 I believe it would be lovely for little L to have a sibling but don’t be fooled into thinking getting a dog isn’t the same. We recently got a Pug and are all besotted and I constantly rock him like I did my babies!

  12. Well here’s wishing you the best, but keep in mind I find that dogs can be loads worse than a baby.

  13. Elkiii says

    Schatz, lass uns mal skypen. Bin wieder in Paris. Franz. Handy funktioniert wieder. Also, bis denn, big bisou,

    PS. Did you already try and pick up “la crotte du chien” ? Quite off-putting…

  14. What a great news! I can’t wait to hear more…so white wine on Friday or not? How exciting!

  15. Fingers crossed!!! Got recommended a book about how to minimise PCOS at my nutrition course The PCOS diet book by Collette Harris, T Cheung. C u tonight! XX

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