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The 3mm baby

I just came back from a scan at the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit. And it’s all good! There’s a tiny little embryo (three millimetre, to be exact) with an even tinier little heart, happily pumping away. It’s where it supposed to be, i.e. not attached to the caesarean scar or attached to one of the fallopian tubes or somewhere in the abdomen.

Nobody can for sure say why I am in pain, or why exactly I am bleeding (although, I have been informed that implantation bleeding can last up to 16! weeks), but still, it’s all good news. I can’t put in words how relieved I am.

Over the past few days and after my little stint at A&E on Saturday night, I have read a lot about ectopic pregnancies.

About one in 80 pregnancy is diagnosed as ectopic; however, the amount of ectopic pregnancies that go undiagnosed is believed to be considerably higher, because early miscarriage is much more common.

My mother had an ectopic pregnancy when she was 35 – the same age I am now. I remember the piles of bloody nightwear my stepfather brought back home from the hospital. My mother couldn’t have any more children after that. They both were devastated.

Miscarriage is very common, and very sadly it can happen at any stage in pregnancy. The current increase in stillbirths in later pregnancies isn’t very reassuring either. It has helped me tremendously to share my worries and fears. Thanks so much to all of you for listening and sending good thoughts our way.

Love, Deborah

A word about Chelsea and Westminster Hospital – people at A&E have been exceptionally nice and warm, and so was the staff at the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit. Nothing of the rudeness and grumpiness I was presented with at UCLH when pregnant with little L.


  1. Great news – you can really read your relief and excitement, and quite right too!

    Congratulations and enjoy your day!

  2. Alison (ex deerbaby) says

    Oh my what wonderful news!!! So happy for you. Wishing you lots of positive growing thoughts x

  3. Can you hear me cheering all the way from Switzerland? This is great news – seems you have a little fighter growing inside you. x

  4. Great news lovely!! I had a lot of bleeding during early pregnancy with Elliott an it lasted for about 10/11 weeks if I remember well. That was scary and ended up in hospital regularly. It is very scary.
    I am so happy for the great news that all is going well and I hope the pain will go away soon. Pxx

  5. My daughter was born in Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, and I really like the service. Ok Its NHS, no privacy but its good. I never got any rude member of the staff there, and I used to go there on weekly basis in the end of the pregnancy

  6. Margarita says

    I am so so happy for you and your family! What relief and joy you must be feeling right now!

  7. Kelleyn says

    I over the moon for you! So glad that everything is ok! Just hang in there!

  8. So happy and relieved- have been hoping and praying (in my own way) all the time for you xxx

  9. Oh my goodness, what fabulous news! Congratulations Deb, sending tons of love to all 3.3mm of you 😉 x xxxxxxxx

  10. So very happy for you! Will be thinking of you and hoping that all goes well. I had the same thing early in my pregnancy with my son and he was born a healthy 9 pounds, 11 oz!

  11. Huge congratulations and relief. I shall be hoping all continues to go well for you and the little one you are growing. Stay safe. xx

  12. Oh Deborah, I am so glad to read this….you’ve really been on my mind today, I was so hoping for good news for you.


    Take good care xxxx

  13. Congratulations Debs, I am so relieved to hear baby bean is sticking well. I have a scan of Oscar from when he was a tiny little dot, its a funny feeling, but very reassuring.

  14. Ingrids says

    Great news now look after yourself and keep positive. Sending you lots of hugs.

  15. Christelle says

    Waooouhhhh ! Quelle super nouvelle !! Prends bien soin de toi et du petit bout d´amour….Grosses bises.

  16. Wonderful news. I remember that relief well. I had an emergency scan at seven weeks and was amazed to see anything left there. My daughter’s eight now, as you know.

  17. Wonderful news to hear. And how incredible nature is – just 3mm and a heart beat – brings tears to my eyes. Take good care.

  18. Simply brilliant. I had early bleeding too with J (right after a miscarriage) and it scared the living daylights out of me, but he’s turning 3 tomorrow! Very glad and rooting for you all, all the way x

  19. Congratulations and I’m happy to hear everything is okay. If it’s any comfort my mother bled through the early stages of her pregnancy with me apparently, and I turned out to be totally fine (apart from that weird twitch….).

  20. Charlotte says

    I’m so thrilled for you. It must have been a dreadful experience.
    C&W is generally good (I had my daugther there 16 months ago and due to have my second there in early April) – if/when things get serious they are pretty responsive. My complaint would only be about the post-labour ward… just that the level of service can be pretty patchy. Some of the midwives are pretty burnt-out and grumpy but others were just amazing.

  21. Congratulations to you, I am relieved to hear that all is well. When I was expecting my boys I bled from week 6 to week 16 and that was straight after having a miscarriage, all very scarey. I was admitted to A&E and then had to wait for a scan at the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit too. Needless to say I have been thinking of you and how you have been feeling, the boys are 7 years old now and perfectly healthy cheeky boys! How lucky ….take care and rest well. Jx

  22. Congratulations, that’s wonderful news! A friend has just been through similar – bleeding throughout the first two trimesters she’s just delivered a healthy boy at 34 weeks…
    Here’s to a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy xx

  23. Congratulations! I am glad that all is ok now and hope that the rest of the pregnancy will be a easier. Take care!

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