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The 3mm baby

I just came back from a scan at the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit. And it’s all good! There’s a tiny little embryo (three millimetre, to be exact) with an even tinier little heart, happily pumping away. It’s where it supposed to be, i.e. not attached to the caesarean scar or attached to one of the fallopian tubes or somewhere in the abdomen.

Nobody can for sure say why I am in pain, or why exactly I am bleeding (although, I have been informed that implantation bleeding can last up to 16! weeks), but still, it’s all good news. I can’t put in words how relieved I am.

Over the past few days and after my little stint at A&E on Saturday night, I have read a lot about ectopic pregnancies.

About one in 80 pregnancy is diagnosed as ectopic; however, the amount of ectopic pregnancies that go undiagnosed is believed to be considerably higher, because early miscarriage is much more common.

My mother had an ectopic pregnancy when she was 35 – the same age I am now. I remember the piles of bloody nightwear my stepfather brought back home from the hospital. My mother couldn’t have any more children after that. They both were devastated.

Miscarriage is very common, and very sadly it can happen at any stage in pregnancy. The current increase in stillbirths in later pregnancies isn’t very reassuring either. It has helped me tremendously to share my worries and fears. Thanks so much to all of you for listening and sending good thoughts our way.

Love, Deborah

A word about Chelsea and Westminster Hospital – people at A&E have been exceptionally nice and warm, and so was the staff at the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit. Nothing of the rudeness and grumpiness I was presented with at UCLH when pregnant with little L.


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