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An interest in Pinterest

For someone who has blogged for more than three years now, I am positively unexcited by anything new in social media. Of course, I love the immediateness of Twitter and keeping in touch with people on Facebook – I even post the occasional thing on Google+. But nothing had the potential to really rock my boat.

And then came Pinterest.

What can I say? I am in love and I am hooked. All the images and nice things you stumble upon whilst browsing the web are now easily organised in mood boards. You can follow what other people are putting together, pick what you like and repin it to your own collection. Easy peasy lemon squeesy.

I have so far started pinning onto two boards: Ice Cream and Pixie Dust, where I collect all things nice for little girls and the odd snapshop of little L (after all, she’s the muse for this board); and another one called Home Sweet Home, which serves as a mood board for our new place.

If you’ll excuse me now, I’ve got some pinning to do!

Let me know if you are on Pinterest, so I can find you!


  1. I’ve been in love with Pinterest since the moment I found it! I love being able to organize all of the bookmarks I have collected over the years!

  2. Kelleyn says

    Hi! I will be in London in may staying near the London business school and site seeing. Do you have any suggestions for Indian that will not break the bank. I looked a little on line and it was saying about 30 pounds per person. Here in the states we pay about 15 not including drinks. Have fun pinning.

  3. Love a bit of pinning but I’ll warn you that it’s getting a little political in places these days and joy is being sapped out via the comment sections. People ranting about very innappropriate things. It’s sad to see. Especially when it was so happy and vibrant mere months ago. It’s still possible to avoid those individual’s though. Just wanted to prewarn you.

  4. I am resisting the temptation although with everyone raving on about it, it’s becoming very difficult. Between Twitter, FB and blogging, I spend enough time “browsing” on t’Internet I think.

  5. I got into in for a while but then there was lots of discussion about copyright issues that I couldn’t quite get my head around. So I’m waiting until it all dies down before diving in again. Plus, I was starting to lose yet more hours of my day!

  6. I too was concerned over copywright issues plus I feel a bit overstretched online as it is. Who knows, might get bug for it later. Pretty pics!

  7. I absolutely LOVE Pinterest. Am completely hooked and am on both the English lang site and on the German site too! Yep, crazy I know! I pin Home, Fashion, Children related items and accessories at
    Looking forward to watching your pinning adventures expand 🙂

  8. You’re the second of my fave bloggers to say how obsessed they are with pinning. I am so untechno I wonder if I can do it.

  9. can’t get into it, despite a friend really trying to entice me… may try again after reading this… xx

  10. Ingrids says

    I can be found as Inge but I am having problems putting the pin it. Button on my iPad if anyone can advise

  11. I have been so busy starting my own blog about street fashion for Londons real women/mums, that I have not started pintrest yet. I love the idea, being a personal shopper/stylist… I am always searching for new visual inspiration. This blog makes me want to get started now 🙂 Thanks

  12. sounds like fun but at the moment I am on the waiting list! Will keep you posted x

  13. I’m loving Pinterest too! It’s a great way to collect and organise all your favourite images together by creating mood boards. I have also found other peoples boards to be really inspiring too. I could literally spend hours on it!

    At the moment, I’m creating lots of baby related boards and collecting other interesting pins along the way!

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