Now, look what you’ve done!

Mes amis, I don’t know whom I have to thank – but thank you! You nominated Metropolitan Mum for the Brilliance in Blogging Award in the Style category. I feel really, really flattered, although I am not quite sure who or what exactly is stylish. Has Mama got style? Do I have a stylish little daughter? Or is it my blog that’s ranking high in the style stakes?

No matter which way, I’d be eternally grateful if you could spare a minute and voted for me here. Forever yours,



  1. OMG, how gorgeous do you look….seriously!! Fabulous 🙂 And you have my vote, of course 🙂 XX

  2. I have voted for you! That grey dress is hot as hell and you are one sexy mama. Do you EVER go around wearing sweatpants baggy around crotch covered in apple sauce? please tell me you have your off days

  3. Voted…tick! You look fabulous…that dress! Those shoes! And your darling girl of course! L x

  4. Christelle says

    Voté !!! Je vous embrasse bien fort tous les trois et demi…

  5. Yes, as I said on a blog post the other day – there’s a reason you’re in the Style category and I’m in the “laughs” one!

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