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Not quite

Have a seat. Put your feet up. Mind the cable above your head.

The family bathroom. Hahaha.

Not much cooking going on in this kitchen.

They had promised to be finished and gone two and a half weeks ago. Of course they are still here. Together with us. After two weeks of travelling with little L, I returned last Saturday to the above. Big M and his brother had worked all night to get the bedrooms ready, so we had somewhere to ‘live’. In an attempt not to get upset, I am trying to see the whole situation with little L’s eyes: it’s an exciting adventure and we get to eat in restaurants A LOT.


  1. Aww lovely, I feel for you! this must be so frustrating. I hope it all accelerate soon and that start enjoying your home. How is bump treating you? Pxx

  2. Kelleyn says

    Hang in there! Hopefully, it will be all done before the baby arrives.

  3. Its a nightmare scenario, but as with everything i’m looking at this house as another new baby: ‘this is just a phase’ 🙂 Hope all is well aside from that C xx

  4. Hang in there! You can do it! It IS an adventure. An annoying and dusty one, but one where you can say, we LIVED through a renovation – and will never have to do it again. (so you hope)

    But seriously, it’s coming together and will be done before you know it. I’m still waiting for concrete to be poured!

  5. Oh hon, it’s a nightmare, almost impossible to understand why the whole process of renovation/moving must be so arduous. But we know it will be amazing in the end. And you’re right to try and embrace the positives, like your little one x

  6. Oh i really feel for you, we lived in our house whilst getting a side return done, not fun. Just make the most of eating out! xxx

  7. I can empathise with this so much! We moved into this house 3 years ago without any kitchen, bare floors and a stair case made out of scaffolding planks! As you say you have to just keep your sense of humour and get through it. Our children still say, do you remember when Daddy barbqued in the garage for dinner!

  8. But. Just looking at those photos it is obvious then when it’s finished it’s going to be amazing! Builders are a nightmare. We’ve had them here recently, so I recognise the bathroom plumbing and no toilet image! It’s all worth it in the end. Hang in there. x

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