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The best bit about blogging

Nobody starts a blog with the explicit goal to make real life friends. You don’t really set up a blog and follow other blogs you like, thinking ‘one day this woman and I will be having coffee together, crying tears of laughter into our lunches’. That would be slightly creepy. However, if you stick to blogging for a while, show up here and there at PR events and conferences, chances are that you meet other bloggers and that you really do connect. And that over time, you start meeting them outside of the blogging world, and that you really do become friends.

The first time I met Peggy from Perfectly Happy Mum must have been roughly three years ago, at the first ever Brit Mums get together. A rather intimate lunch with about 30 excited and a little timid mummy bloggers, husbands and babies included. Brit Mums counted little more than a hundred members, and it was easy to spot your fellow online friends and get talking. By the way, if you are going to be at BritMums Live! this year, please say hello if you see and recognise me. I will do the same.

Where we went Cuisine de Bar by Poilâne, 39 Cadogan Gardens, London SW3

What we ate Peggy: Salad with salmon and crème fraiche, cappuccino, brownies; Deborah: eggs and soldiers with parma ham, Earl Grey tea, lemon and poppy seed cake

Today until 5pm is the last chance to vote in the Brit Mums Brilliance in Blogging Awards, for which I have been shortlisted in the Style category. Please vote here for me and/or any other favourite blog in as many or as little different categories as you like.


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