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18 weeks pregnant: the bump is out

Et voila, it popped out. The bump is here, and although I have only put on four and a half pounds so far (thanks to rotten morning sickness), I feel like 40 pounds heavier than last week. The bump now sticks out more than the boobs (magically grown from an A to a C cup in no time), which thankfully puts an end to looking like I’m the one who ate all the pies.

An anterior placenta – the one where the placenta lies like a cushion at the front of the bump – makes it difficult to recognise the baby’s movements. Which freaks me out a tiny bit, as I was able to feel little L’s eager kicks from a very early stage.

As my clothes get tighter, more and more items are being banned to the far end of my wardrobe. I am trying to hold back and not splash out on maternity clothes just yet. Most likely, my shape will change even more within the coming weeks, and also, being a tiny bit suspicious, I want to wait until after the 20 weeks scan.

Unfortunately, I have booked the 20 weeks scan a week later than I should have. I kind of miscalculated my dates when initially asked, i.e. I am further along than I had thought I was. A few more days of nail biting and hoping that everything is alright. And a few more days before I can reveal to little L if her dream of a baby sister will come true – or if she’ll have to make do with a baby brother.


  1. MM you look beautiful! Shall keep my fingers crossed for the next few days and for all going well at the scan.

  2. You do look beautiful 🙂 And little boys are so lovely, it will be fab 😉 A girl and a boy is a total blessing…honest!!

    Your friend Chloe got in touch and sent me some fabulous things….THANK YOU SO MUCH, I really appreciate it.
    Have a lovely week-end XX

  3. You are looking fabulous. And little L… She’s not so little anymore!!xxx

  4. You look gorgeous as always! Remember, I couldn’t find out the gender until almost 25/26 weeks and almost killed myself waiting… I also have to add that I adore your herringbone floors, they are gorgeous!

  5. My first was a girl and then a boy almost three years later (and then another boy 7 years after that!). The teens are so close and she has always been a great big sister and he has always looked up to her. There’s no “making do” with a little brother. They rock!

  6. Aargh I now have bump envy as yours is bigger than mine & I’m 20 weeks! Hehe! I know your daughter will love a brother as much as a sister. I still adore my younger brother!

  7. You look amazing! MY placenta laid in front too which made it always hard to hear the babies heartbeat. I would hold my breath every ultrasound. Can’t wait to hear if it is a boy or a girl. Greetings from Germany!

  8. Azra says

    Well, when I was a baby, the placenta was under me! My mum had to have a c-section, at 36 weeks!

  9. you look absolutely radiant!! And loving the floor 🙂 is this your new place? XXX

  10. It suits you, you should have six kids! You are lucky if it has only just popped out. With my second it was only a week after finding out that I couldn’t do my trousers up! I won’t say what happened with three and four! xx

  11. You look adorable and I have bump envy ….even though I’m not even preggers

  12. How lovely. You look stunning as ever, with bump attached. Can’t wait to hear your news after the scan x

  13. Wow you do look fab! I remember piling it on the second my body knew it was pregnant I just ballooned! Fingers crossed little L get’s her wish and baby is well xx

  14. You are the cutest pregnant lady ever! And yes after the first one, my bump stuck out more. I remember with the first, going on an assignment with a photo in London – and he hadn’t even noticed I was six months preggers

  15. This is so exciting! And I can’t believe that it’s been 18 weeks already! Time is flying by, pretty soon Little L will be a big sister 🙂 x

  16. Great to see everything is going along nicely. What a neat little bump you have. Good luck with the scan. Keeping fingers crossed that all is great.

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