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19 weeks pregnant: my cup runneth over

It’s not really visible in the above picture (and no, I am not going to pose in my underwear), but I am bursting out of my clothes, especially out of my bras. The C cup bras I recently purchased are cutting into the flesh – quite an unusual feeling for a woman used to carrying a very humble A. I’d be very happy to report to look great with big knockers, but I just don’t. It all looks a bit ‘porn star gone wrong’, and I am already looking forward to the day my cleavage will deflate again.

My sartorial saviors during the past two weeks have been an extremely versatile, grey DKNY snood (pictured above) and a black boob tube for pregnant people. You know, one of these stretchy cotton tops that you can use to cover your growing bump and also hide the fact that you are walking around with an unbuttoned pair of trousers.

I have managed to stay away from proper maternity wear, but am unsure of how long I will be able to resist the lure of my local Séraphine store…


  1. You have such a beautiful – and sometimes rather amusing – way of putting things 😉 Great blogpost title 🙂

    And still looking absolutely radiantly gorgeous I see XX

  2. jen says

    Too funny! I thought I was the only woman that also HATED the big knockers that came with pregnancy and breast feeding. I went from a B-cup to a TripleD (and holy sh*t was it painful) the week my milk came in with first.

    I much prefer the smaller ones..and thankfully I am back to normal once again. I felt like an exhibitionist and I didn’t like the way my clothes fit with those jugs.

  3. Looking great. I wasn’t too fond of the big boobs whilst I was pregnant either and was more than happy get back to my ‘hand full’! !!

  4. Gorgeous.
    I can’t really relate however as I was probably the only woman in the history of pregnancy whose bra size didn’t change. A bit of a red flag when it came to trying to breastfeed but at least they now don’t look too deflated!

  5. Sooo pretty. I had to get a maternity bra fitting the other week too. The bras are meh. Enjoy x

  6. Ingrids says

    You look gorgeous Elle mac Phearson does a lovely range of maternity bras.

  7. You look lovely. I wish I could have been so ‘neat’ but alas, I exploded everywhere!!

  8. You look so pretty! and very petite

    like the shoes- like Lil’ L’s!

  9. Don’t be so sure your cleavage will deflate! I am 2 cup sizes bigger since I breastfed the last one nine years ago.

  10. You look fab! I spent a lot of time with unbuttoned trousers in my pregnancies. Come to think of it I must have got used to the idea as I still seem to spend a lot of time with unbuttoned trousers (and dreaming of the day that they WILL button back up, they WILL!)

    Glad you are enjoying it! xx

  11. You look bloody amazing. I was half expecting to see smears of sick down your top … morning sickness over yet? What I would give for a C cup. I’ve been blessed with FFs but they are my excuse for being slightly overweight … if I were thinner then obviously I would be more likely to topple over.

  12. I wish mine would go back. Mine started at ta B cup and now are DD. Would much rather have smaller ones.

  13. I wish my boobs grew with my pregnancy – behold, I think I was the only woman whose chest stayed a miserable pancake during pregnancy. Breastfeeding did help but now we’re back to pancake. Useful I suppose for running around play areas and slipping through the child-sized frames 😉

    Great blog, look forward to reading more.

    Would also love to know what you think of us at, I also have a blog on there

    Michelle x

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