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21 weeks pregnant: dressing the bump

Trying to fit the bump into a photo booth. Only partly succeeding

I am having a few ‘hit by a truck’ days. Nothing that a 30-minute afternoon nap couldn’t fix, but still hugely annoying. Especially now that I’ve got more to do than in a long time (more on that later). I am starting to wonder whoever came up with that golden trimester myth. Ah, who knows, maybe it’s going to happen any second now. Maybe I am going to wake up tomorrow, all beautiful, blossoming, blooming pregnancy bliss. Because hope dies last.

With spring finally upon us (or is this summer now?), I found myself in the position of literally having nothing to wear. Last time, when I was pregnant in winter, I just cut into the waistband of my tights and wore my regular cashmere jumper dresses until little L was born. Which presented me with the delightful problem of having my figure back but nothing to wear the following the winter (apart from bumped-out, baggy dresses).

Shopping for a bump however is a little less delightful. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing le bump, and there are gorgeous maternity clothes out there (albeit a little too frilly-lacy-ruched at times for my liking). But I am only going to be pregnant for another four months, and I am not going to spend vast amounts of money on clothes I can’t wear beyond that. Sure, maternity jeans* and leggings are must-have staples. But apart from that, I am mainly buying regular clothes a size bigger, in the hope that they will still look OK once the baby is here.

What’s your approach to maternity wear? Any brands I should know of?

*I bought Séraphine’s grey skinny below-the-bump jeans and love them!

Model wears: black and beige striped top: Malene Birger, black leggings: Topshop, rose quartz pendant: Browns; blue and white striped maxi-dress: American Apparel, grandpa caridgan: Gap, twisted hoop earrings: American Apparel, dark circles under eyes: model’s own