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Cup of tea, Your Royal Highness?

To a foreigner, the whole royal thing can at times seem a tad bit… erm… uhm.. outdated. Why would anyone, especially in times of the Arab Spring, egalitarism and equality (at least in front of the law), expect to be born into power over other people? And why would anyone accept a state leader that hasn’t been elected into power by the exact same people they are ruling upon? Personally, I find the concept of a constitutional monarchy as characteristically British as the stoic politeness with which it finds acceptance. You just don’t question the existence of the monarchy, as much as you don’t question cheese rolling, separate hot and cold water taps and Marmite.

During the past years (almost a decade, *gulp*), I have grown into finding the Queen and her family somewhat cute. I can’t quite understand the obsession with the Royal Family, but having said this, I also can’t quite understand why people cheer and scream when they see Kim Kardashian – I guess that both camps share a thing for celebrating celebrities. Coming to think of it, a fly-on-the-wall documentary about the Queen and her man would be awesome, wouldn’t it? Prince Philip is hilariously un-pc and quite dapper, too.

Nevertheless, I am very grateful for the coming long weekend and the childfree break that we are going to enjoy thanks to it. And to be honest, I just love all the British-ised, Union Jack’ed paraphernalia this holiday has created. Aren’t those quintessentially British art prints by Bridget Davies ultra cool?

God save the Queen!


  1. Props to the Queen – I would not want her job for the world, 24-7 putting up with prats and being on show – she does it with a lot of grace and dignity. Lovely drawings those are!

  2. Kelleyn says

    I loved all the stuff in preparation for the jubilee too! It was really hard not to buy any of it. Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful art prints, love them!

    I find myself being rather fond of the Queen….I think she’s does a lovely job & has great dignity. She’s a proper Queen!! The rest of them I haven’t a lot of time for really.

    Hope you are well 🙂 XX

  4. You’re so sweet! I’ve never known a different head of state than the Queen- and I think on balance I prefer her to Tony Blair for 60 years! The jubilee is just a big excuse for days off and union jack themed stuff but it’s very nice anyway!

  5. I’ve always been fascinated by royalty, in history and in current times. It makes life a bit more exciting, doesn’t it?

  6. I agree with Margarita. I loved watching the Royal Wedding and I’m not even British!

  7. I might just have to hang out a little bit of Union Jack bunting over this side of the pond this weekend! I do hope there’ll be lots street parties going on like I went to for the silver jubilee – fond memories of Union Jack hats, egg and spoon races, flags and red white and blue cakes. Enjoy your long weekend.

  8. I particularly like this line ‘You just don’t question the existence of the monarchy, as much as you don’t question cheese rolling, separate hot and cold water taps and Marmite.’ 🙂

    They also don’t question rich tea biscuits as a special treat to say ‘ooh lovely’ about. But what I do like about this royal insanity is that for once, the Brits come over all American and patriotic and slightly madder than normal. The stiff upper lip makes way for bunting and scotch eggs. It’s a ‘out there’ as we get.

  9. These prints are gorgeous! I am a sucker for the Royal Family 😉

  10. Ingrids says

    Love the prints. I think we have all grown up with the queen and feel she is part of our lives. She has to be admired for her dedication, the fact she has never put a foot wrong and wears colours so well.

  11. I blame my kiddies. They have dragged me to a few Jubilee parties now, and I find myself getting a bit excited about the whole thing, in spite of myself.

  12. I wish I could be in the UK for the Diamond Jubilee. It’s just the sort of slightly naff celebration I would love to join in with. I remember the Silver Jubilee there were lots of street parties, I was six and dressed as a clown. The Queen has become really cute over the last decade…a sort of adorable caricature of herself.

  13. I think people are always interested in those ‘not like us’. There’s something fascinating about royalty. They dont rule per se…they reign in England. With little power it’s easy to enjoy them just for themselves.

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