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So close, yet so far

Beautiful sink. Would be even more beautiful if connected

We are still living on a bloody building site. People keep asking me what the timeframe was on our project. Cue hysterical crying fit.

Our builders were supposed to be finished about five weeks ago. That would have been two weeks after our initial deadline. Right now, the team seems to have gone MIA, despite the fact that I am holding back a nice sum to keep morals up. Up your @*$@%$£@!!!, I am inclined to say. But I don’t, because I don’t to swearing. (She said, clutching her hot cocoa mug, wishing it was vodka lemon.)

Freshly stained. I like a good sniff of paint

It’s only small things that are missing. A door to the laundry cupboard. The connection of a sink. A front door (don’t even ask). Small things that nevertheless need doing and that miraculously make our place less liveable. Fortunately, the floor guys came back today to start staining the floors, i.e. the ugly white plastic mats that have been covering the parquet for protection finally came off. Also, the fumes seem to have a calming effect on my restless, nesting-deprived mind.


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