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23 weeks pregnant: knackered

My friend Sciatica came back. Uninvited, of course. He’s a pain in the ass. Quite literally. I am going to see an osteopath/acupuncturist next week and hope for the best. Until then, Big M has sole responsibility for emptying out the dishwasher, loading the washing machine, tying my shoe laces and everything else that involves bending over. Can’t say I like being pregnant that much at the moment.


  1. Still looking utterly beautiful though….love the yellow Converse ๐Ÿ™‚ XX

  2. Hi,

    I was pregnant with my first baby in spring and summer and it’s no fun. Stupidly I also bought a pair of tie-up sandals before I got big (and had bad back), which my husband cursed every time I wanted to wear them (which was often because they were the most comfortable ones I owned). You look lovely, though, glowing!

    Helena xx

  3. It will soon all be a distant memory when you have your precious little baby in your arms. You’re over the half-way mark, congratulations!

  4. Been there! I feel for you. It sucks. The good thing is pregnancy doesn’t last forever. Weirdly, I am kind of mourning the fact tonight that I will never be pregnant again. Crazy given I have 4. Try to find the moment that worth savoring such as little kicks or hiccups.

  5. Looking amazing though! Hope the sciatica goes with the osteopath. I had it both times too and that was a pain… Literally xx

  6. Gosh sounds horrific ! Hopefully some TLC will dampen the pain but you look great and in such compact package for 23 weeks hehhe : )

  7. Hope you feel better after seeing a professiona- it sounds incredibly painful. You’re obviously being very well looked after x

  8. So sorry to hear about that, I had other bits and bobs that are too gruesome to offload on your pretty blog. You are the grooviest Mum in that grey dress and yellow Converse’s

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