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24 weeks pregnant: hey squishy bum bum!

The other weekend at Zürisee: bump in hiding

Why is it that as soon as you pee on that little plastic stick, your bum gets squishier than cooked butternut squash? Or is that just me? A quick straw poll amongst my pre-pregnancy cellulite-free friends revealed the same phenomenon: forget about flabby tummies. It’s squishy bums all around. And apparently, it’s the hardest thing to shake post baby.

Not one to accept unruliness in any kind or form, I thought I’d outsmart my disobedient gluteus and booked a set of PT sessions at Ten Pilates early in pregnancy. HAHA! Thanks to on-going sciatic pain, PT now stands for Physiotherapy. As opposed to Private Training that’ll give you bum cheeks made of steel. Not what I was hoping for.

On a brighter note, we’ll be leaving to St Tropez very soon. Four weeks of sunshine, sandy beaches and gorgeous food. Big M retrieved my bag with summer clothes from the basement. This is where the brightness ends. Out of 40 items, four still fitted. Three of them are pareos. Oh well, with that squishy bum of mine, at least I’ll put them to good use.

Starting to look pregnant from behind, eeeek!

At 24 weeks, Babycentre suggests ‘The tiredness you felt in the first three months may start to set in again, so take it easy.’ No kidding – I passed out on the sofa at 8:30pm last night. I am super tired, extremely clumsy and somewhat tongue-tied. The other day in Accessorize, on the hunt for a somewhat fitting bikini, I managed to gracefully clear half of the shelves with my elbow as I was trying to get hold of that size 14 top from the end of the rack. Right next to me a woman loudly bemoaning the lack of smaller sizes: ‘Urgh. Only MASSIVE sizes left.’ Cue loud sighing.

WTF?! I only managed to raise an eyebrow and shot a look at the check-out girl, who looked back at me in slight horror (‘Uh-oh, is that pregnant lady going to strangle the scrawny bitch with the size 14 top?’). Seriously, my brain is made of the same jelly that has taken control of my buttocks. Not for a million quit had I been able to come up with a suitable answer. I am still mulling over it.


  1. Did you find that elusive bikini??? I’m sure you look fab, there’s something lovely about pregnant ladies in bikinis…esp in st tropez, you’ll go down a storm! Lou Lou x

  2. Youre looking fab!! I can’t see what you mean about squishy bum 🙂 x

  3. I dream of having a bum that looks like that 😉 You look fabulous 🙂

    Good luck with the holiday shopping….a month in St Tropez sounds wonderful!! XX

  4. You look great btw! I remember going to Jamaica when four month preggo and I just looked like a chunky chick and husband had to stop me accosting everyone at the salad bar with ‘actually you know I’m not overweight I’m just four months gone!’

  5. I never did get rid of that dang squishy bum and the weird tummy button but at least during pregnancy it was balanced by my (slightly ) bigger boobs. Love you in those stripes preggy lady (and yes I’m still thinking on that rejoinder to the slim lady, poor deprived thing…)

  6. LOL – this blog had me in stiches. It’s a great insight into what my wife was actually feeling like when she was pregnant with my son.

  7. Oh yes I remember the sudden appearance of the pregnancy arse.I wasn’t brave enough to go shopping for a bikini though.Have a great holiday!

  8. i am at 28 now (i think we decided?) and i’m getting that tired feeling back for sure. but i think that is because i wake up every time i have to roll over shamu style in bed. so sleep is lacking. and i’m carrying out an actual bump now!
    but 4 weeks in st. tropez?????? what! jealous. you have heard the st. tropez song right?

  9. I can’t see any evidence of a squishy bum. Where are you hiding it??! Have a fab holiday. Four weeks sounds bliss.

  10. Ginni says

    yeah your bum is as squishy as my chopping board.

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