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Don't call me THAT!!

In case you didn’t know, we will be having another baby girl! Little L is thrilled at the prospect of going on a shopping spree for pink baby stuff, Big M is quite comfortable with the idea of being surrounded by a bunch of girls, and I am happily seeing everything through pink glasses at the moment anyway (that’s hormones for you).

Our recent baby name brain storming quickly veered into silly territory, with Little L suggesting her own name as the new baby’s name, because ‘It is a very beautiful name.’ Yes. Maybe not. This is what else made it on the list of ‘what not to call your baby girl’:

Oompa Loompa – although I can see a shining career in spray tanning in front of her

Bolibumpa – though it does rime really nicely with Oompa Loompa (it’s a Swedish TV programme for kids)

Shaneequa – unless you have a very strong liking for RnB and blingy jewellery

Lucious – erm… especially not if your surname contains the syllable ‘lick’

Harper – because it means harp player, it’s a surname, and you wouldn’t call your child Drummer either

7, 13, 19 – because it’s a number and not a name, DUH!

Sierra, Sienna, Paris – what about Frankfurt, Thames and Croydon? Thought not

Blossom, Bluebell, Flower – only if I can give her a bag of skunk for a Christening present

Sky, Dusk, Dawn – Cloud, Mist, Twilight?

Any French name, if you can’t pronounce it properly – no point in calling your child Amélie if you end up saying ‘Emily’ anyway

Any old German name, especially if you do pronounce it properly (Brunhilde, Kriemhild, Sieglinde) – that would make even the Germans cringe

Anything I should add? Which names are on your personal no-no list?


  1. ooh baby naming strikes me as veerrrryy tricky.

    Names I liked about five years ago I now don’t, except the classic ones.

    If I have any daughters I think the name Rose will have to feature somewhere… probably as a middle name though- I’ve always quite liked Sophia Rose

    I’m sure you will choose something lovely!

  2. Ah the name debate. It is really hard. I wanted my boys to have names that could take them anywhere and everywhere. Hopefully they have them, but Mini’s name has become popular, which I hate!

    I think it is even harder for girls names. I will just give you a few of the girls names at the boys school which set my teeth on edge – Angel, Porche, Delicious, Scarlet, Ruby, Ebony, Chantel, oh I could go on, but the worst thing for me is the mis-spelling of classic names!

  3. Stay away from Sophie and Sophia… every other baby girl these days is one or the other.x.

  4. I wanted to call my daughter Annika, but a friend got there first! Moral of the story, never let anyone know what your favourite names are…

    Although I love them, any children named after the Moomintrolls wouldn’t be allowed in my book. Can you imagine if I’d called my daughter Little My?

    Congratulations by the way! Girls rock!

    Helena xx

  5. Well here in the US there is an odd penchant for calling girls unisex names for example I know girls called: Ryan, Brett, Connor, Cameron, Hunter, Kendall, Emmerson (NO I’m SERIOUS) , Reese and Royce. It’s something I simply can’t get my head around and don’t like one bit!

  6. I think Germans really do have some good ones. Everyone here in Germany seems to want to call Adelaide the german version Adeleheide. I don’t bother correcting them. One lady last week at church told me Elke came from the name. Not sure how you get Elke from here name. Good luck! I am sure you will find something lovely. My husband and I had a really hard time. Some of my favorites were Maren, Kasia, and Mathilda. As you can see I didn’t win. I am happy with the name we picked though!

    I met a little girl named Dresdyn. I tried that one too, but my husband obviously didn’t go for that one either.

  7. Funny stuff. I think all the obvious no-nos have been listed by now 🙂

    PS. I really like Marguerite as a girls name. Feel free to steal it, I won’t be needing it!

  8. Oh, I’ve enjoyed reading this post….you did make me laugh, as did some of the commenters above!!

    Congratulations on having a second girl, how lovely 🙂

    I didn’t know the sex beforehand of either of my children but really only had one girl name and one boy name ready, choosing is hard! And I do find that you can like a name but not really want it for your own child….if that makes sense!

    Am v happy with my choices though….altho my son’s name is hard to shorten but even so people insist on trying! My daughter’s name is usually on the “10 most popular names lists” altho I gave that no thought when she was born & she is only one of 2 at her school. My son’s name is Italian and again he is 1 of 2 at his school!

    I’m not going to pick out names that I don’t like but I do agree with the person above who mentions the US thing of calling children by what really are supposed to be last names…Hudson, Ryder, Riley, Jackson etc…..and also what I call “made-up names”….Shanteequa and the like!!!!

    Hope you’re feeling well 🙂 XX

  9. I’m thankful that we don’t live in the UK as I hear both my kids’ names are everywhere there – Ruby and Luca. Thankfully the places we’ve lived these names are rarely heard.

    Don’t copy a ‘celebrity’ name – No to JLo, Beyonce, Brittany etc!

  10. When I was expecting my second daughter my then toddler eldest daughter wanted to call her Froggy. We didn’t go with it 🙂

    Btw, my daughter has a classmate called Tequila. Classy eh?

  11. Was going to give my pearls of wisdom re girls’ names that are boys’ names or surnames, but Emma K and Simone have got there first. The name Peyton (Payton, Peighton) is very popular for girls round here. WHY?

    And totally agree with NVG re Skylar. In fact, the first few times I heard it, I thought it WAS Skylark.

    And Sailor. I do know a girl called Sailor. Really don’t like it.

  12. Sarah Qayumi says

    soooooo true!!!!
    Some people call their children after cars. Like Mercedes, or Aston (for Aston Martin), or Royce (for Rolls Royce) hahahha

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