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In case you didn’t know, we will be having another baby girl! Little L is thrilled at the prospect of going on a shopping spree for pink baby stuff, Big M is quite comfortable with the idea of being surrounded by a bunch of girls, and I am happily seeing everything through pink glasses at the moment anyway (that’s hormones for you).

Our recent baby name brain storming quickly veered into silly territory, with Little L suggesting her own name as the new baby’s name, because ‘It is a very beautiful name.’ Yes. Maybe not. This is what else made it on the list of ‘what not to call your baby girl’:

Oompa Loompa – although I can see a shining career in spray tanning in front of her

Bolibumpa – though it does rime really nicely with Oompa Loompa (it’s a Swedish TV programme for kids)

Shaneequa – unless you have a very strong liking for RnB and blingy jewellery

Lucious – erm… especially not if your surname contains the syllable ‘lick’

Harper – because it means harp player, it’s a surname, and you wouldn’t call your child Drummer either

7, 13, 19 – because it’s a number and not a name, DUH!

Sierra, Sienna, Paris – what about Frankfurt, Thames and Croydon? Thought not

Blossom, Bluebell, Flower – only if I can give her a bag of skunk for a Christening present

Sky, Dusk, Dawn – Cloud, Mist, Twilight?

Any French name, if you can’t pronounce it properly – no point in calling your child Amélie if you end up saying ‘Emily’ anyway

Any old German name, especially if you do pronounce it properly (Brunhilde, Kriemhild, Sieglinde) – that would make even the Germans cringe

Anything I should add? Which names are on your personal no-no list?


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