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Piston Head

We are a family of Piston Heads. The husband loves nothing more than getting some oil underneath his finger nails (Goodwood Revival is his favourite day of the year), little L can’t wait until her legs are long enough to touch the pedals and another member of the family notoriously votes for the bigger engine, when choosing a new family car.

I am a bit of a public transport snob, driving to pretty much everywhere in London. I very much prefer driving to my holiday destination of choice in the comfort of my own car, even if that means putting up with a two day long journey down to St Tropez. Also, I love taking decent coffee machine with me on holiday, but more of that later.

For now, here’s an ode to driving:


  1. I can see why! Using the tube with a baby in London is a nightmare. I think when I was there I might have been the only person with a child on the tube and now I know why. The Stairs!

  2. That’s such a cute video, I especially love the end when she walks away abandoning her car 🙂

  3. I wish I liked driving everywhere. I learned to drive late and it still terrifies me, I avoid using my car as much as possible. I’d love just to be able to jump in and go without a thought.

  4. Don’t you find the traffic in London to be a nightmare though? 1 hour to travel 3 miles was my usual experience.

  5. I used to drive all over London when I lived in the sticks, now I’ve trained myself to quite like the bus because I can do stuff but really I like taxis- for obviously reasons. They are not quicker though- as I discovered when meeting you the other week!

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