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26 weeks pregnant: it’s getting hot in here

26 weeks pregnantWe’ve arrived. After two days of driving, a sleepless night in a motel and being hit by tennis ball sized hail, we have arrived in St Tropez. I am trying not to think of the newly acquired dents that adorn our car now, but to focus on one thing: relaxation.

The bump has been awfully quiet after the journey. So quiet in fact, I prepared myself to pay the neighbouring hospital a visit and ask for a scan. It’s almost funny how quickly the amount and intensity of kicks picked up again once I had voiced my concerns. Aaahhhhh, bumps and their potential to freak you out. Hilarious. NOT.


  1. Do you find you always get more kicks while you’re still and resting but when you’re running around like a mad thing baby goes quiet? I did!

  2. Thats a great looking bump! Enjoy the delights of sunshine ( None in London!)

  3. Gorgeous bump. Gorgeous view. Bumps are annoying like that. I find kicks more apparent at night but think its because they’re more noticeable that way. Sure all that driving got miss bump to sleep lots. Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. Rachel P says

    Pretty neat tanned bump!
    At 14 weeks I am getting comments “wow your huge”, “your going to be MASSIVE” but on reflection at your pregnancy pictures – actually I am on par. Your bump is fab! Enjoy your hols x x x

  5. Always look on the bright side. Stateside East coast we had a storm last friday and we have been without power since then and it has been at least 100 degees F every day. I hope we don’t lose water too because I don’t want to do a Man versus Wild and have to drink my own urine!

  6. Probably all that sitting during the car journey down there was a bit dull for the baby and maybe a bit squashed too. Now you are all stretched out and relaxed in the sun the baby can start wiggling again. Enjoy!

  7. Have a wonderful time. Very few people could pull of the pregnant bikini shot but you look fabulous as always. x

  8. You look blooming gorgeous! Yes, those little kicks are there just to assure mums that everything is ok, not so funny when baby decides to be lazy for too long.

  9. Kelleyn says

    Sorry about the dents. We are in Milan and my husband is totally nervous. I am sure you know the drivers here. We head to Sicily next week. I will ber on my knees every night praying our car makes it back to Germany in one piece. How lovely-St. Tropez! Never been there!

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