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27 weeks pregnant: la vie est belle

27 weeks pregnantRisking to bore you to death: St Tropez is still great and still beautiful. Whilst Big M had to go back to London to work this week, my friend E has come down from Paris to join us. It’s oestrogens galore with E, little L, me and the baby girl bump.

I am feeling extremely tired and am not sleeping very well. Not a very good preparation for the next months to come, as we all know. Also, finally, I look really pregnant as opposed to just a little funnily shaped. The pregnancy squishiness has taken over my face (looking a little bit more round and also almost complete crease-free, thank you very much). I am a little less thankful though for the chubbiness around my arms. What’s that supposed to be good for again?

Met Mum wears: summer cotton maternity dress: Isabella Oliver

Little L wears: summer dress: Rachel Riley; shoes: Papouelli