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27 weeks pregnant: la vie est belle

27 weeks pregnantRisking to bore you to death: St Tropez is still great and still beautiful. Whilst Big M had to go back to London to work this week, my friend E has come down from Paris to join us. It’s oestrogens galore with E, little L, me and the baby girl bump.

I am feeling extremely tired and am not sleeping very well. Not a very good preparation for the next months to come, as we all know. Also, finally, I look really pregnant as opposed to just a little funnily shaped. The pregnancy squishiness has taken over my face (looking a little bit more round and also almost complete crease-free, thank you very much). I am a little less thankful though for the chubbiness around my arms. What’s that supposed to be good for again?

Met Mum wears: summer cotton maternity dress: Isabella Oliver

Little L wears: summer dress: Rachel Riley; shoes: Papouelli


  1. You look wonderful 🙂

    Your holiday location looks beautiful….sorry to hear about the tiredness though, not fun at all, ugh 🙁

    I was just admiring Little M’s dress… little bridesmaids dresses were designed & made especially for me by Rachel Riley, I love her shop 🙂

    Take care XX

  2. Very pretty girls! Glad you’re having a wonderful time. It’s raining in London, of course!

  3. You look amazing! You are rocking that orange dress and I love those sandals I have some similar.

  4. Kelleyn says

    At least you will look fantastic the minute that baby arrives. Me, well I am still look like I am three months pregnant or fat and it has been a year. Spending the summer in Europe did nothing for my figure. No such thing as low fat in Germany. He he! You look fantastic. I love the orange dress. Your little one looks so sweet especially in that yellow dress!

  5. You look absolutely fantastic! The dress is gorgeous and red is fab on you. Enjoy your jolly hollies x

  6. Ingrids says

    Gorgeous mum n daughter photo enjoy your break and the sun

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