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29 weeks pregnant: growing, growing, growing

29 weeks pregnantI am trying to compare this pregnancy with the first one and am surprised how hard I find remembering the details. I can only hope that all things baby stuff will come back to me much more naturally. Alternatively, I am going to be in for another shock of nuclear catastrophe sized proportions.

I can’t for the love of God remember how big my bump was with little L, how much sleep/milk/awake time small babies need, how many nappies they go through in a day or what size clothes to buy.

It’s strange how with the second pregnancy, I thought I would find the experience as a whole much less worrying in a been-there-done-that kind of way. For some things, the opposite is the case. We have been incredibly lucky with little L in many ways. Only now that I know how hard it is to raise a healthy child can I start to comprehend how difficult it must be for parents with children with special needs or illnesses. It’s something that worries me much more now than in my previous pregnancy.

Naturally, the questions how I will adapt to motherhood and what having a baby will do to our relationship trouble me practically not at all. Sure, having another child will add chaos to the mix – but I am sure that we have already been through the biggest and most difficult changes.

And even if we haven’t, even if this, again, will be a complete shock to the system – there’s one thing I have learnt during the past three and a half years and that I find most comforting:

This too shall pass.