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29 weeks pregnant: growing, growing, growing

29 weeks pregnantI am trying to compare this pregnancy with the first one and am surprised how hard I find remembering the details. I can only hope that all things baby stuff will come back to me much more naturally. Alternatively, I am going to be in for another shock of nuclear catastrophe sized proportions.

I can’t for the love of God remember how big my bump was with little L, how much sleep/milk/awake time small babies need, how many nappies they go through in a day or what size clothes to buy.

It’s strange how with the second pregnancy, I thought I would find the experience as a whole much less worrying in a been-there-done-that kind of way. For some things, the opposite is the case. We have been incredibly lucky with little L in many ways. Only now that I know how hard it is to raise a healthy child can I start to comprehend how difficult it must be for parents with children with special needs or illnesses. It’s something that worries me much more now than in my previous pregnancy.

Naturally, the questions how I will adapt to motherhood and what having a baby will do to our relationship trouble me practically not at all. Sure, having another child will add chaos to the mix – but I am sure that we have already been through the biggest and most difficult changes.

And even if we haven’t, even if this, again, will be a complete shock to the system – there’s one thing I have learnt during the past three and a half years and that I find most comforting:

This too shall pass.


  1. Looking fab! The baby days are gone so fast and they do become a bit of a blur but sure everything will come back to you and you will treasure them all the more this time as you know how fleeting they are!

  2. You seem so positive and that’s the most important thing. Wishing you all the very best!

  3. I was the same – I could hardly remember how each stage went. Although I do know that at 5 months with No. 2 baby I was HUGE! Also, the last month didn’t seem so difficult and uncomfortable 2nd time around. You’re looking fab by the way and I’m sure when all that RnR in France is doing you wonders. Enjoy!

  4. Mummy Plum says

    I’ve completely agree with you – I’ve found my second pregnancy more worrying too. You look fabulous btw. Enjoy the sunshine and rest. I’d love to be sitting on a beach in a bikini right now!

  5. Lovely bump! Second one won’t be that big of a shock to the system at first, the shock will arrive when nr2 starts grabbing/eating/destoying nr1’s toys 🙂

  6. Growing & glowing, looking wonderful!!

    No.2 will be a breeze for you I am sure, it IS much easier the second time around….I was more anxious at the start of my 2nd pregnancy simply because I was 4.5 years older and worried about risks etc….but after my tests were fine, I relaxed. It also probably helped that my son was born on the week that my daughter started primary school so I have only ever had one child at home….that worked out well 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday….love the bikini, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it somewhere, you look fabulous! XX

  7. Hi I just found your blog and just want to say good luck with your second birth. You look in good health so I’m sure it will be a breeze 🙂

  8. I was the same way, couldn’t remember a thing about pregnancy or babies – even now I’m googling “when do babies start teething”. Because my 12 week old baby is teething. Yikes. You look gorgeous as always!

  9. Wit woo-looking fabulous girl! Wow can’t believe how quickly our pregnancies are going!

  10. Once you know everything is a phase, motherhood is definitely a lot easier. At least you know that you can do it now. The first time around, I had no idea what looking after a baby was like and was totally thrown by it.

  11. You are one breezy beautiful mama. You look so comfortable and natural and at ease. I loved my first pregnancy in a hot London summer ….I had no idea what was in store for me. The second I found the bending thing (to get the first one) a bit tricky…

  12. Keep us posted. I’m considering having just one last one and I always forget, getting wrapped up in it all. You look amazing too!

  13. I suppose the giving birth bit is always the most nervewracking bit as you don’t know how its going to go. But you’ll be fine!

  14. It will all come back when you need it don’t worry. Just remember that even when it was all a first time you got through it impeccably, well you will do it again perfectly. The thing I found the most important in that second baby phase was that you have to have a flexible mind and attitude and it goes well. A bit of a “go with the flow” attitude.
    The biggest shock with victor was that a newborn is mega flexible, you can’t get him/her dressed while they are sitting and hold their arms up for you… Totally shocking!

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