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My deepest sympathy for the homebound

Now. How am I going to break the news to Big M that I won’t go back unless the weather changes?


  1. lol just plug in the electric blanket, make yourself a cup of Ovaltine and pull on some legwarmers when you get back to Blighty. You’ll be fine! I’m so hot here 100 degree weather I could fry an egg on my head so wouldn’t mind a cool splash of english drivel I mean drizzle right now

  2. Like Emma K says, it’s bloody hot over here. It rained almost every day I was in England in June and I came back to the hottest summer for decades over here. Rather extreme and as it’s just hit 101 in Chicago (over 40 Celsius?) I ain’t even going outside today.

  3. jen says

    I am in Washington DC where it is currently—hazy, hot and unbearably humid.

    100 F/38C. I would kill for your rainy London weather :). Nobody will leave the air conditioning here.

  4. I am torn between loving and hating the heat and humidity. But I still think I would rather have the summer over here than in England. The other day my book club took place at someone’s backyard poolside – I don’t think I’ll ever get to do that in the UK!

  5. The weather has been glorious in the South hasn’t it?! It makes me smile every single day 🙂 x

  6. Holy heck, this is UGG boot weather (as it is here in Northern California, I sit here in two sweaters and snow boots!!!) Stay where you are chook!

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