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Post holiday blues (pass me the biscuit tin!)

Wish I was thereThe washing machine is gently rumbling, the bags are unpacked (apart from the half-emptied suitcase that’s hiding underneath the dressing table) and the Ocado Man (long shall he live) has just dropped off our week’s supply of groceries. I am well and truly back.

With me came the rain – sorry about that – and the temperatures dropped to where I suspect my Mojo to sojourn: somewhere so deep down, you don’t really want to know.

During the past four weeks, I have been mainly feeding on self-grown tomatoes from the garden and aromatic melons from the local market. I have easily and gladly eaten my yearly requirement of five-a-day veg (my new middle name is Ratatouille), and the only sweets I have been craving came in the form of cooling ice cream and sorbets.

In a spell of delusional nutritional superiority (HA! I am stronger than chips and chocolate!), I even bought armloads full of sophisticated French gourmet magazines. In that specific moment, I was convinced I would cook the aubergine-burrata-tomatoe pylon ‘and it’s basil infused olive oil vinaigrette’. All home made, of course.

Pah. At least the images are nice to look at whilst I munch on ginger crunches and sip a cup of Earl Grey tea.


  1. It’s so much easier to eat well in the Mediterranean, isn’t it?
    Enjoy the ginger nuts….you’ve made me crave them now, actually.

  2. Welcome home lovely! It is my turn to go there now, leaving tomorrow morning and I am dreaming of large plum tomatoes, sweet Melon and Strawberries… good luck with the blues, I get it every year… hope it doesn’t last too long xxx

  3. North Essex Mummy says

    Welcome back, hopefully the sun will start shining soonand you can relax outside and remember the melons (but not too hot – my ankles look like pork chops, even in this rain) x

  4. Kelleyn says

    So happy you had a fantastic time and how lucky to have your groceries dropped off.

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