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I am thirty-six today. I am the happiest I have ever been – truly ‘bien dans ma peau’.

I am surrounded by love and am forever grateful for the people I am allowed to call my family. Big M, little L and the baby girl that’s growing inside me. Big M’s family, who accepted me with open arms. My friends, old and new, online and offline.

Life is pretty great.


  1. Margarita says

    Happy Birthday lovely!! You look as gorgeous as ever and your family is beautiful!

  2. Alles Liebe u Gute zum Geburtstag liebe Debbie ! Du siehst so hübsch und glücklich aus. Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderbaren Tag !

    Viel Liebe und Freude aus dem wolkigen Paris 😉

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful girl… lovely to be so happy & to have so many good things ahead of you!! Enjoy the rest of your French holiday XX

  4. Happy Happy Birthday. Hope you had a fabulous relaxing day and was thoroughly spoilt, as everyone should be on their bday!

  5. jen says

    Happy Birthday!!! You look gorgeous as usual (and so do those desserts!).

  6. Ahh happy birthday! I recall 36 being a good year – its was just two years ago for me but it feels like longer!! You look so relaxed on your holiday and what better place to celebrate. Lou x

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