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31 weeks pregnant: good news

All good in the hood. Had a check up yesterday which revealed the baby has already started to move head first into the pelvis. Which would be impossible if I had a severe stage of placenta previa, i.e. very good news. You can read more about this week’s pregnancy pains and aches here.

On a different note, we are back in the London swing. Nursery, work and more work. Give us another week and it will be as if we’d never left.


  1. So glad it was good news, that must have been excellent to hear. Also MM you look amazing! Serene and beautiful. Good luck for the next few weeks. xx

  2. I am very glad to hear that. Wasn’t going to say so before, but I had p.p. in my 2nd pregnancy and it was not fun at all. You look great!

  3. Glad to hear all is well. But you are the most annoyingly gorgeous pregnant person ever. I never looked like that. ever.

  4. You look fab my sweet – honestly a picture of health. Glad that things are panning out well and everything is as it should be. Take good care! Lou x

  5. Looking great lovely and so pleased for your good news. Can’t believe the clock is ticking now for us both! x

  6. Excellent news. Loving these updates. Hope you’re coping with the UK weather. Actually, you missed the worst of it!

  7. I’m really glad you’ve had good news regarding the placenta, I had that with my son but unfortunately the hospital missed it & induced me anyway! On another note, you look ridiculously amazing for such a pregnant person! Gorgeous. x

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