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33 weeks prengant: doing a Demi

33 weeks pregnant

I just came back from my very first and very brilliant pregnancy photo shoot with Julia Boggio. To work with Julia was fun and uncomplicated, in the way that she makes you feel completely at ease with yourself. And despite being convinced of never ‘doing a Demi’, I very willingly dropped my clothes as if running around in the nude in a photo studio were one of my favourite pastimes.

I shall share the results of the shoot later. The ones where I am fully dressed…

On a different note – feeling very pregnant now. The bump is getting bigger by the day, and I am becoming Oh. So. Slow. Not long now.


  1. You look so lovely! I would love to have a maternity shoot next baby…didn’t for the first unfortunately.


  2. Lovely baby bump. Can’t say I miss being pregnant but I did rather like the look of my bump.

  3. You look great! and that sounds fun, I always thought Demi looked pretty amazing!

  4. You still look great – an advert for pregnancy. I did a photoshoot for Pregnancy and Birth mag when I was pregnant with Littleboy 1 – I had a friend who worked there. At the time I thought I looked like a while but when I look at the pictures now, they are actually lovely.

  5. you are looking GREAT!!! and i just read about your first birth experience…uh…i’m going to pretend none of that can happen to me. and i will be wishing you a perfect experience this time around. not long now for either of us!

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