Olympics 2012 – that was it

Exchanging kisses through the net. Or so.

I am not a great fan of watching other people doing sports, in fact, I think watching sports in front of a television is the most boring thing on earth. Surprisingly though, I have been completely sucked into the Olympic spirit; and the positive vibe that had captivated the city held me in its grip for the past two weeks.

I can’t say I am sad about seeing the Olympic Traffic Lanes go. The ratio between people who benefitted from them and people who have been affected badly has been beyond any acceptable proportion. Also, I am happy to wave a generous goodbye to all the orientation-less tourists crowding the Central Line or blocking exits, because they don’t know their way around.

It was nice for a change though to drown out news of the economic crisis and a collapsing Eurozone – and hear of hopes, successes and people who were able to achieve what they had dreamt of. It felt amazing to listen to the mostly positive comments on how smoothly the Olympics went, and how well London had handled this huge event. And although not being British, the London pride has got to me, too. I am proud of this city. My city.

I had the pleasure to see Men’s Volleyball at Earl’s Court. Argentina against Brazil. Lots of good-looking, tall men in shorts. A real highlight. (Thanks, British Airways for inviting me!) I would love to take the little one to the Olympic Village and hope I am going to figure out the ticket system in time. Wheelchair basketball sounds fun to watch.

What were your favourite Olympic bits?


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