37 weeks pregnant: blooming, really

Blooming? Ha. If only. I am counting down the days till c-date. I have to mainly stay away from my computer, as my lower back pulls mercilessly on the muscles in my neck and sends shooting pains into my head… Boring stuff, I know.

My nesting instinct evolves mainly around the kitchen at the moment, i.e. my family enjoys freshly baked cakes and home cooked dinners galore. No complaining from that side then.

On a more glamorous note – the images from the photo shoot with award-winning photographer Julia Boggio are back. I don’t know how she did it, but I love my pictures and everything about them. They have been taken at around 34 weeks of pregnancy, and I have even been happily taking my clothes off for a Demi-inspired bump shoot, despite previously vowing not to. I am so happy that I did though. Knowing that this is my last pregnancy, I will treasure these pictures forever.

Thank you, Julia and team!


  1. Du bist so wunderschön, Debbi.

    Man sieht, dass Du glücklich bist. Wunderbar !

    Drück Dich ganz fest, Grüsse aus dem bewölkten Paris,

  2. FAB pictures, especially the first one where you look positively model-esque 🙂 I have really enjoyed your countdown pictures…Lou x

  3. Blooming? Well if you look anything like you did when this photos were taken then you look gorgeous!

  4. Wawaweewah!!! How hot do you look!? Love the first pic. Perhaps one day, if I ever get your drunk enough, you’ll show me your nude ones;) x LZ

  5. Hahaha, Zesty! I’m a super cheap date at the moment. Two glasses of bubbly, and you’ll have me crawling on the floor 😉

  6. It’s one of the things I regret not doing when I was pregnant with Ethan… You look absolutely gorgeous! x

  7. SO stunning! That was at 34 weeks? I’m now at 34 weeks, and honestly, I can’t think of a single thing that would make me smile and look as… blooming… as that (except possibly for the thought that in a few weeks this feeling that SHE IS TRYING TO CLAW HER WAY OUT OF ME will finally be over) . You look utterly amazing, good for you.

  8. those are SERIOUSLy good pictures!!!! you look lovely 🙂 i def had my bout of nesting … or organizing and cleaning every single thing except the nursery so that i won’t have to worry about it later. i just started maternity leave and now i’m just waiting. and waiting. come on little guy!!! i’m getting really uncomfortable!

  9. The photos are great. At 34 weeks you were the size I am now at 22 weeks! I’ll be huge come 34 weeks ha ha. I’d say you are most definitely blooming in those pics 🙂

  10. Pictures are all good and fine, but no one seems to pick up on the nesting thing going on. We have had banana bread, plum pie, angles cakes, pancakes, , choklad pudding, risotto with mushrooms, züricher geschnetzeltes, lots of Asia food, etc and that is a only weeks worth of nesting crazed MetMum.

    Who could ever find a more gorgeous, pregnant cook/ baker!

  11. You look stunning! I have just recently found your blog and I understand you might not see my question here, but do you know what you are having?
    I just found out we are having our third boy!!! Take care x

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  13. You looked amazing! I can’t believe you were so far along at the time. I was HUGE when I was 37 weeks along.

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