37 weeks pregnant: blooming, really

Blooming? Ha. If only. I am counting down the days till c-date. I have to mainly stay away from my computer, as my lower back pulls mercilessly on the muscles in my neck and sends shooting pains into my head… Boring stuff, I know.

My nesting instinct evolves mainly around the kitchen at the moment, i.e. my family enjoys freshly baked cakes and home cooked dinners galore. No complaining from that side then.

On a more glamorous note – the images from the photo shoot with award-winning photographer Julia Boggio are back. I don’t know how she did it, but I love my pictures and everything about them. They have been taken at around 34 weeks of pregnancy, and I have even been happily taking my clothes off for a Demi-inspired bump shoot, despite previously vowing not to. I am so happy that I did though. Knowing that this is my last pregnancy, I will treasure these pictures forever.

Thank you, Julia and team!


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