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38 weeks pregnant: home stretch

Can you read the look on my face? It says ‘I’ve had enough’. I am 38 weeks and three days today and only a few days away from my planned C-section. Amazing to think that my last pregnancy was exactly four weeks longer than this one – and that it didn’t really bother me back then.

In last night’s dream Big M told me that I started to look fat. It was only a dream and he’s way too sweet and too clever to say anything like this. But it was enough to make for a grumpy start into the day.

I have put on 16 kg so far. The same amount I had put on after 42 weeks with little L. And here I was thinking that chasing after my daughter would make keeping the weight gain at bay easier. It didn’t. I turned out just to be as hungry as the first time around, despite barely managing to keep anything down during the first trimester.

I am so ready for the new baby. We all are. Big M has finished the nursery last weekend and little L is counting down to C-date on her chubby fingers. Still, it all feels slightly surreal…

The winner of the Baby Nay giveaway is Evie @CoutingBlueberries. Congrats!


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