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Baby Nay Giveaway

One of the many nice things of having girls is being able to dress them up nicely. Luckily, little L is very much into dresses and cute stuff, i.e. I have a willing victim to try any sartorial ideas on.

I am always on the lookout for clothes with a certain something and recently came across gorgeous baby and girls’ clothing brands Baby Nay and Nay et al. Founded by super talented design specialist Nay Khoubnazar in 1996, the collections are playful, cute, yet comfortable.

I have chosen matching outfits for little L and Petite Pea (hey! don’t judge me, I am 38 weeks pregnant!), and will have them model their getups together once the baby is big enough. I am thinking sisterly cuddles under the Christmas tree…

One lucky reader will be able to win an outfit for their (baby-or-not) girl. Just leave a comment below and tell me the required size. And voilà – a little surprise shall be sent your way.

Draw closes Monday, 24th September 2012, 11AM.


  1. Julie Norris says

    Hi there,

    The clothes look beautiful 🙂 I’m expecting a girl, due 19th Dec (bad planning I know!!) and would love an outfit for my bump, 0-3 or 3-6 months would be best as I have newborn clothes coming out of my ears (not literally) from friends and family members!!

    Good luck with Petite Pea’s arrival 🙂

    Julie x

  2. I love those colours, pretty but not twee. My girl is 18months and is turning into a bit of a tom boy I think, so I like to put her in things which are feminine but not too girly!
    Really like the look of the newborn nighties, I had a couple handed down and couldn’t find any in the shops, they are really useful for newborns.
    Thanks! Amy

  3. Claire says

    Lovely to see something a bit different. My little girl is 18 months and am trying to steer her gently away from all Peppa pig et al emblazoned clothing. Love the blog and best of luck with the next few weeks.

  4. Awww, the dresses and girlies look adorable. It’s a shame jellybean was crossing his/her legs at the 20wk scan, so I won’t know the gender until s/he pops out. Otherwise I know I’ll go shopping crazy!

  5. Clearly I have no very little ones so I am not entering the competition….just had to say how lovely these are. I can’t bear logos and love this style of pretty, floral, dare I say more traditional, clothing….give me that every day.

    38wks….woo hoo!! XX

  6. Love the name Petite Pea (and your blog 🙂 My daughter is a petite 2 year old so would fit into size 18 months +

    All the best with the next few weeks x

  7. Karolina says

    Beautiful clothes!! Hope Safina gets a pressie for her 1st birthday. Good luck with the labour 🙂 xxx

  8. Rachel Parker says

    Julie Norris – I am also expecting on 19th December!!


    (Baby boy though – so count me out of the draw please)

  9. Fiona Sammler says

    Gorgeous clothes! Would absolutely love an outfit 6 to 9 months! Good luck with everything in the coming weeks….

  10. Hi Deborah, good luck with the labour! I am due my first on 7 December.
    Would love to get one of these cute outfits for my little princess (0-3 mo).
    Love, Z

  11. Emma duke says

    I love these! My daughter is 6 weeks old and I’m loving dressing her in cute outfits. I love their smock dresses over leggings. Gorgeous

  12. Do they go up to age 8-9? If so, yes please.

    In answer to your question, my kids have varying degrees of American accents. Oldest, not very strong; Middle a little stronger; Youngest sounded totally American but is already losing it.

  13. I’m destined to only be the mother of boys but my friend has a gorgeous 3 year old daughter who would adore these clothes.

    Hope you’re staying sane during these last few days x

  14. Anthony Young says

    The clothes are lovely, came across this site randomly, brilliant blog by the way. They would look lovely on my little girls shes nearly 3, so would need a size 3 -4. Lovely colours.

  15. Oh your girls are adorable!!! Just wanted to leave a comment (count me out of the draw please). I have two boys and we just found out little bump is a little baby brother as well! Thanks for a lovely blog!

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