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Sleeping with a wedge

Sleeping with a wedge turned out to be an unsatisfying experience

A friend of mine recently asked me if I was sleeping with a wedge. I assume he meant one of those funnily shaped pillows you clamp between your knees in a desperate attempt to get a little more comfortable at night. But as soon as he had uttered the words, my personal little Kopfkino had started, creating weird images in my head like dry humping a cushion or sleeping with a shoe.

It was the other day at Blog Camp London that I met a lovely PR lady from Cross Pens, telling her that initially, I had started this very blog to put up my illustrations. That’s a long time ago (three and a half years ago, to be precise), and I realised that I really miss sketching. I have never been exceptionally good at it; it’s just something I enjoy doing. The scratching sound of a pen on paper always had a soothing effect on me. I don’t know why I ever gave it up. And now that my first baby has grown into a little girl, drawing is something we can finally do together.

Little L’s comment on the above sketch: ‘The lady has only one shoe. The lady looks sad. Draw the other shoe and make her look happy!’


  1. ….and I love the word “kopfkino”….never heard of it so clicked on your link ….I shall remember it – I do believe I was having one of those about 3am last night 😉

  2. Think my first comment got lost….what is happening with me today, arrgh!!

    Is there no end to your talents??!! I honestly checked at the end of the post for an illustration credit, you are very good!!

  3. Ahh yes, the wedge is like a 3rd person in the bed!! Much rather wear that red shoe instead, although I’d probably put my back out and need the wedge anyhow!
    Good to see you sketching again. Hope you have time for a few more before baby 2 arrives.

  4. Brilliant sketch! I thought it was going to be, you know, like sleeping with a wedgie which is when your knickers are pulled up your crack by fellow classmates. But I see I am the only one with their mind in the gutter!

  5. Before you know it you will have another gorgeous baby in your arms. While I am not wishing my baby to grow up faster, I am looking forward to when we can shop, cook, go to movies, and so on. I have enjoyed when each of my children have reached that stage when you can talk with them and do activities with them.

  6. That is brilliant. Love the sketch. Not the wedge. I always just used a pillow. BTW, from your top picture, you live on my old street. Have you been to Skyfall yet? With your kids ages, probably not, but M lives on our street, too. It’s funny to watch movies after 5 years in Chelsea and be able to name many of the venues. I used to watch camera crews outside our bedroom window. I never saw anyone as famous and Judi Dench filming, but it was still pretty neat.

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