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A post bump wedding outfit

So. I haven’t really been bothered by my baby flab so far. It’ only been four and a half weeks, and from initially 17 kilos more on the scales, I am already down to a mere seven kilos maternal surplus. Partly thanks to breastfeeding, but mostly down to losing my appetite and being too tired to eat. Not what I’d call a healthy or recommendable diet.

Anyway. My brother just told me he is going to get married. In under two weeks. Cue crazy but futile rummaging through wardrobe. There’s no chance in hell I am going to fit in any of my pre-baby outfits. And I have absolutely no intention whatsoever to embark on a crazy diet for the next ten days.

Thus: I need new clothes. Clothes that’ll fit now but also in a few months time, when the last seven kilos will have melted (hoping is believing!). Clothes that will make me feel good about myself, flabby bits or not. And clothes that allow easy access to the feeding station (I once spent half a wedding feeding my baby sitting in a dark corner in my knickers and with my dress around my neck – not again!).

Fortunately, the upcoming wedding is only their civil marriage – the real deal with church and party and all will be held next summer. In other words, the dress code for the upcoming event is much less glamorous. It’s smart casual all the way. And given my current constitution, I am going to push it gently towards the casual end of the spectrum.

I am thinking something like this:

Together with this:

Now I only need something that’ll take care of these gruesome black shadows under my eyes…

Eileen Fisher supersoft Yak & Merino poncho, Graumann white shirt, Day Birger et Mikkelsen Jeans, The Kooples ankle boots, Isabel Marant star necklace, Chloe small Marcie saddle bag


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