Mummy stuff

Baby haze

You unmistakably are a new mum if…

  • iPhoto asks you if you want to ‘import 124 new photos’ from your phone – after just one day
  • You are covered in either snot, poo, wee or vomit. Or any combination of the aforementioned
  • The one thing you really really want is a good night’s sleep
  • The one thing you most certainly won’t get any time soon is a good night’s sleep
  • You are so tired that even watching The Great British Bakeoff proves to be an intellectual challenge
  • You might have forgotten to brush your hair. And/or your teeth
  • You are wondering if your breasts could get any bigger. Only to discover the next day that yes, they can
  • You are leaking various bodily fluids. Constantly
  • Disney movies make you cry uncontrollably
  • You know the Gina Ford routines by heart. Your baby doesn’t


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