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Introducing Petite Pea

Our newest family member has arrived last Wednesday. The birth was an amazing experience (more on that later), and I arrived home on a high on Saturday.

They say, what goes up must come down. I am definitely down now.

I will take some time off, be good to myself and try to shake off the blues. Any advice on that matter is welcome!


  1. What a beautiful baby. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other for the next few days and hopefully all will be sunny again soon xxx

  2. Congratulations! She’s so freaking cute 🙂

    As for feeling blue – been there… The beginning is always such a blur but one day at a time…, just take one moment at a time.

  3. That’s wonderful news Deborah! Congratulations!! She looks simply beautiful.
    Hope the blues go soon. I think I cried every day for a week in the beginning.

  4. Congratulations! She looks so snug and cosy! On the blues – just go with it and take one step at a time. Above all get friends and family to support you with all kinds of things. For me it passed by 6 weeks which sounds a lot but looking back it went so quickly.

  5. Congratulations, looks super cute. As for the blues. Try and do something ‘normal’ that would make you feel better whether that be having a haircut (with someone holding baby of course!), having a shower, going for a 10 minute walk alone. It’s surprisingly powerful. Also, always remember that it’s the hormones doing it to you and they will equalise x

  6. Steph says


    As to the blues, Be kind to yourself! Fast forward 12 months, all will be settled and wonderful. Stay in your PJs, lean on Big M, eat chocolate, sit on the sofa. Just get through it as best you can. Have a glass of wine…..fine whilst breastfeeding.

    Congratulations again!

  7. Congratulations deb, she is a beauty!!!!!!

    I got through the first few weeks by watching lots of rubbish on tv whilst establishing breastfeeding, eating whatever the hell I wanted, sleeping whenever possible and relying heavily on cbeebies to entertain Elfie! I felt a whole lot better about myself if I managed to get out the house (I found the babybjorn easier for short trips than the pram) and used under eye concealer liberally (still do!!!). For the days when I really needed an extra bit of vavavoom I wore lipstick which weirdly really helps to pick me up.

    Good luck you lovely lady and try not to put too much pressure on yourself. You’ve just gone through something earth-moving, you’ve brought another little person into the world!, it’s the most magnificent thing xxxxx

  8. A princess for a princess. I never had any blues so can’t give any advice other than to make sure you ask for help. No matter how many other new mums get the blues, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it on your own. Congrats and love to all. xx

  9. Congratulations!
    Try to make sure you have as much help and support as possible. And don’t be afraid to go to the doctor’s /midwife if it doesn’t pass soon….

  10. kelleyn says

    She is lovely! Hang in there! This time of lack of sleep only last so long. Ask others for help. Have them take your older daughter for a couple of hours and make sure you get plenty of sleep. Who cares if the house is clean or even if you make dinner. You can get take out! Just soak in every once of the sweet smelling baby.

  11. Well done and congratulations on your newest little girl. Gorgeous. Rest well and enjoy. xx

  12. Congrats again sweetie, she’s perfect. Things will get easier and our hormones are on one crazy ride after birth. You be kind to yourself, accept as much help as is offered or ask and be very proud of yourself. Hugs xxx

  13. What an absolute cutie. Glad to hear that is was a much better experience this time around. The blues hit even the most positive people regardless of whether things are good or bad. They’ll pass. Take care xx

  14. Debiii,

    Ich freue mich ja so für euch ! Mensch, ist die süss ! Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm, gelle 😉

    Ich sende Dir ganz viel Kraft und Liebe. Denke an Dich.

    Drück Dich ganz fest, Bisous,

  15. Congratulations she’s absolutely beautiful. The jump from one baby to two is really hard and having a newborn is very very difficult. Be good to yourself, take it easy and think of what you have achieved! Hugs C xxx

  16. Oh my god, how adorable. Congratulations to all of you. You have been given lots of great advice to help you through the down but can I just reiterate on the bits about try to go out every day even for a short time and be easy on yourself. You will soon find a new routine that suits you all. When V was born it took me about 6 weeks to start feeling normal-ish again. Can’t wait to meet petite pea, let me know when you are up for it 🙂 xxx

  17. I don’t know what happened, my comment is not here!
    Congratulations!!! Petite Pea is so adorable.
    Regarding getting through THE down, I haven’t got much to add, but just to say as well take it one day at a time. It is a big readjustment you are going through right now. Not just hormonal but also in terms of family life and routine. I remember that it took me about 6 weeks before feeling normal-ish again after Victor’s birth.
    Can’t wait to meet Petite Pea, let me know when you are ready xxx

  18. She’s so tiny and beautiful, I hope you’re okay, please let me know if I can help with anything at all xxx

  19. Mummy Plum says

    Congratulations – she looks a real cutie. The post baby blues are normal, so tell yourself that, and if you want to have a good howl…have one. Better to let it all out than keep it bottled up. Other than that, take things one step at a time, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by unnecessary visitors if you don’t want them and treat yourself to what you fancy, whether it be a cream cake or a new pair of shoes. What you’ve just done is amazing – and you deserve it!

  20. Christelle says

    Elle est trop trop trop belle !! fixe toi des tous petits objectifs et surtout essaie de dormir ( pas facile , j´imagine, mais c´est super important de pouvoir te reposer un peu ) et si ca ne va toujours pas, n´hésite pas à aller voir un docteur.. Bon courage !!
    Tu viens de mettre au monde un bébé, c´est énorme ce qu´il se passe dans ton corps actuellement !!!
    Je t´embrasse bien fort ainsi que toute ta petie famille !!

  21. cheryl says

    Congrats on the arrival of your gorgeous little baby girl :-).

    I had an elective section and I was itching to get home, so I pretended to be all happy happy and totally fine afterwards, soon as I got home, I cried and I felt this terrible guilt for bringing a baby into our family with regards to my little boy who was 2 and half at the time, but my midwife told me eventually it will feel like he has always been part of the family and she was totally right! We are all good now, 4months in mind! Take one day at a time and take time out for yourself! Big hugs to you, I don’t know you personally but I do understand how you are feeling, every mummy does. Xxxx

  22. Absolutely beautiful baby. I hope you feel better soon – just rest up, eat lots and watch rubbish telly. I was utterly knackered after the birth of F but refused to admit it, going into what I perceived as “Super Mum” overdrive. Big mistake. Ended up even MORE tired in the long-run. Rest up with your beautiful bub. x

  23. Congrats to your wonderful little cute girl!!!
    On the blues – been there too. Take one step at the time, it will pass. Try to get some fresh air if you can, have some Roobios tea (works wonders for me and is ok when you breastfeed).
    Listen to your favourite music and don’t push yourself too hard.
    Take care x

  24. She’s beautiful!

    Sleep lots, be kind to yourself, deep breathing, talk to a friend over tea and cake… it will pass. And (as Nappy Valley Girl says) if it doesn’t, then ask for advice.

  25. Ohmygoodness==she is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

    Btw, I hated the immediate post-partum period with both of my kids. Have a glass of wine when it gets bad:).

  26. Congratulations et bienvenue Petite Pea!

    I’m sorry you’re blue, but as everyone has already said, be kind to yourself. You have done something amazing and you deserve a few weeks/months of relaxation and support while you all get used to each other. Sending you lots of love x

  27. What a beautiful baby. When having the baby blues I’d find really sad films that way I could indulge in a good weep.

  28. Congratulations!!

    Remember baby blues are hormones, they’re not *you*. The things that help reduce the blues are things that affect hormones, like brazil nuts for the selenium (try chocolate covered ones, yum!), at least 20 minutes daylight each day, plenty of sleep (which usually means asking for help so you can), and tears if you feel like it. Did you know there’s something like 6 different types of tears all based on what chemicals they contain? We need to cry so we can get the chemicals out of our systems, which is why ‘after a good cry’ we usually feel better. Each of these things may help a little. Oh, and patience. But that’s a tough one.

    And congratulations again! xox

  29. Congratulations! Your baby girl is beautiful. Things will pick up, just take it easy and get as much rest as you can. x

  30. Congratulations! I remember how hard it was in the first few week, and Olivia is 6 months already. Treasure every minute with your new baba, and sleep when baba is asleep, the best advice I can give. I also needed to go back to my exercises soon as love sports, and running with my buggy helped me so much. Good luck and rest when you can xxx

  31. Congratulations! What a perfect little face!

    Please say yes to any help that is offered. And remember, you’re doing an amazing job! X

  32. She is adorable, congratulations to you and your family, be kind to yourself, live in your PJ’s and hope those baby blues pass soon xx

  33. What a wee darling. I love them at that age, they are like creatures from another more perfect land. Congratulations, welcome to the world little one.

  34. Massive congrats on the arrival of your gorgeous girl. My advice is to not over think things and let your life slowly fall back into place. New babies make us eternally richer but temporarily throw the old norm into flux. Enjoy sniffing her sweet newborn head and the other little things. And I had to laugh above at Alice’s suggestion for concealer under the eyes – that is a MUST! X

  35. Many congratulations on your little bundle of joy wishing her a lifetime of happiness and health.

    Just be kind to yourself and do not try to do everything.

  36. So glad that you had a positive birth experience this time…unlike your last experience.

    Petite Pea is beautiful….take care, be kind to yourself & accept any help you can get!! XX

  37. Wow – congratulations sweet – beautiful babe. The highs and lows are such a feature of having a newborn aren’t they? I am sure after that long wait and the birth experience you are bound to feel a tad strange! Even if very happy. I really good piece of advice I was given when I had my second child was this:
    1. From 4pm to 7pm are the hardest part of the day – you’ve been up for ages and your first born is tired too. Make sure you eat carbs to keep energy up at that time of day!
    2. Trying to make everything cheerful for the sake of the first child is exhausting. I was very keen not to appear blue, even though I really was. I was reminded that every family has some times of futility and arguing and snapping and that is normal. My efforts to keep it all on an even keel were in vain. It was important that my first born saw that things were hard for me – after all, we are only human.
    3. It’s all a phase…everything in parenthood is! It becomes even more evident when there are more children to deal with!
    Take care,
    Lou x

  38. She is just perfect! Congratulations. I was never out of my pj’s for 2 weeks with any of mine and I took advantage of every single offer of help. It will pass

  39. Daniela says

    Congrats, she looks so sweet and serene!
    As I just lived through what seemed an endless ONE week of baby-blues, I can only tell you what helped me. Endless cuddling with my baby-girl in our huge bed, loads and loads of tears if I felt like it and many cups of intense hot chocolate and “Leibnitz”. Hoping that you fell well soon. Take care!

  40. Kate Allott says

    Enjoy those early days. Stay in your PJ’s. Go for walks if you feel up to it – fresh air to blow the blues away! She looks perfect, well done. So glad it was a better experience second time around. I bet little L is a proud older sister!

  41. So glad you had a good experience this time – you deserved it after your last birth.

    And she is absolutely divine. Congratulations and enjoy the baby cuddles and special baby smell. xxx

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  43. Many many many congratulations on your new born baby! Cherish every moment and take lots of pictures! It’s going to be much harder to have naps with your baby this time round so accept as much help as you are offered and don’t worry about this new dimension to your family. Everything will settle down and everything will be perfect and you will never be able to imagine life without your little baby.

  44. Huge congratulations! Very pleased for you all and absolutely delighted that the birth was good. Hope you’re on your way back up! xx

  45. Congratulations on your new baby! If you need any tips for juggling kids now that you have 2 (I have 3), please check out my blog. I think you’ll find my “Juggling 3 kids, 3 and under” useful :o)

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