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Ho Ho Ho

Last time this year, I have spoiled my loyal readers to a daily treat on the blog. This year, instead of wrapping gorgeous gifts to send them around the world, I am wrapping a new baby’s bottom in diapers to send her to sleep at night. How things change…

Fortunately though, the people at Hallmark have put together a festive advent calendar to celebrate the season. Check out number 12 for my very own recipe of cinnamon stars. Or open door number 9 for gift wrapping tips from the experts. There is lots more to discover, and every day until Christmas, another door will open with a special treat for you.

Tell me, did you make an advent calendar for your loved ones? Did you get one?


  1. No! I wish I had time to make some as there are some super lovely ideas around on Pinterest these days.

    Grandma sends the kiddos advent calenders every year from the UK to wherever we are (NL or USA now). By the time she’s bought them for a few pounds each and then sent them (with postage twice the cost of the calenders), I feel bad telling her that all the chocolates are out of place and I have to dig around inside to fit them all back in their number again!!! And also I can buy them for a couple of $ here! But she does love to send them and the kids love it too! Ho Ho Ho!!!

  2. No, I have been a bad mummy this year…pregnant with no 3 and life turning out to be extra busy this year, I thought i just buy a chocolate calendar for my boys this year…only thing was that i was late even with that and on the 1st they were sold out EVERYWHERE…ended up finding Peppa Pig ones for 44p in Sainsbury’s, but my 6 and 9 year old boys were not impressed at all….and my suggestion that they maybe could glue on some Starwars pictures on top of the Peppa pig did not go down well either..;) Hopefully i will be back to my old self next year..Take care and have a lovely Christmas! x

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