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Three in a bed

Idyllic morning scenery, isn’t it? But before you get the wrong idea – I have been up every 90 minutes, trying to calm a crying baby with reflux and, as it seems, who is intolerant to milk protein. So apart from not sleeping, I am now also on an incredibly boring diet. And since my main three meals recently all consisted of cheese on toast, I literally don’t know what to eat. Idyllic, isn’t it…


  1. Gorgeous pictures of you three gorgeous girls. Sorry to hear reflux still bad. Things will surely improve. Big hugs x

  2. Oh poor you and baby! Reflux is horrible! My son had it and it was an absolute nightmare. Wishing you all better sleep and lots of strength x

  3. When all the reflux, boring diets and sleepless night are over you’ll still have this beautiful photo and whenever you look at it you’ll forget all the frustrating stuff ever happened and only see all the love.

  4. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL… What a crappola time missus, Sending you massive hugs, sleep and smiles! Stay strong lovely one! xxx

  5. Laura P says

    I feel your pain ! We stumbled all rather unexpectedly into the same situation with our second daughter – reflux, which didnt respond to meds became dairy intolerance, which didnt respond to dairy-free diet, which then became further restricted (wheat, egg, soya) ….. and then came neocate and some other stuff. It’s seriously, SERIOUSLY tough going, never known anything like it – hang in there. Hope little one is improving on dairy free alone xxx

  6. Gorgeous picture. You may be tired but you look serene. I have a similar one of me when Tilly was about 2 weeks old and Eliza was a toddler.. All of us on the bed – I look peaceful when inside I was dying!

    Hope the reflux passes soon, xxx

  7. You make seriously beautiful children.
    Sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time. The following is what I’m surviving on at the moment:
    Avocado – mashed on toast, with some olive oil and a pinch of salt is as easy, and yummy as cheese on toast. (Alternatively you can just eat the avo straight from the fruit bowl…) Also, peanut butter (the good stuff – meridian make it without yucky added oils etc) and almond butter on toast. Bananas. Hummus.
    No preparation required, hurrah!
    Also, have you read Sensational Baby Sleep PLan by Alison Scott-Walker (I know, who has time to read?) It’s yet another get-you-baby-to-sleep book, but one of the better, gentler ones (I have read them all. Honestly.) and has a focus on babies with reflux / digestion issues. Also v easy to read / flick through.
    Hope it all comes together, and wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas xx

  8. You still all look seriously gorgeous! Hope you have had a wonderful festive season xxx

  9. Poor you! I hope she gets better soon.
    Cute kiddies. I love reading your articles, it seems we have parallel lives, so it all resonates with me.

  10. Victoria says

    Hi there Met Mum,
    Lovely photo! Yes of you too, but poor you re sleep and poor bubs.
    My little girl had reflux- maybe it wasn’t that bad tho, but something that would fix her straight away was A homeopathic tincture from the chemist called
    Colic relief , from Brauer I think us how u spell it. Or maybe and hopefully the colic has all gone by now and you can enjoy your sleep and little ones.
    Thanks for the rap song re motherhood. That really shifted some grumpiness for me!! It’s brilliant
    Take care

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