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All I want is here in my arms

It’s funny how you think that with the second child, you’d have it all figured out, only because you’ve been there and done it before. Meehhh. How wrong can you go?

Again, new motherhood proves to be full of surprises and my value system has taken another kick in the backside, forcing it to gently shift. OK, ‘gently shift’ doesn’t quite fit the bill. The world looks rather different from what it used to look.

For example, I don’t want to shop. Neither for myself, nor do I want to swamp my children in stuff. I am feeling over commercialised, consume terrorised, outsold.

We have just moved into our newly renovated abode in the centre of our beloved London, yet I’d happily move to the freezing cold and dark Scandinavian countryside tomorrow. I am craving space, quiet and air.

I have turned from a cheese-scoffing foodie into a dairy-free nutrition snubber. Though that might be thanks to the baby blues business. Well, better than inhaling the chocolates out of sheer despair.

When the nanny resigned after only two and half months, the thought of being homebound with two kids initially scared me. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise – I am going to have much more time with the girls. It’s all I want at the moment anyway.


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