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Quiet times

There has been a lot on my mind recently. I have spent much more time than usual reflecting about this and that – and, as it seems, I am not the only one who has slowed down and has taken a step back from the usual frenzy that’s life. Some of my favourite bloggers have touched me with their posts during the past couple of weeks.

There was Amanda from The Online Stylist, who decided that sometimes, something’s got to give if you want to have a healthy work-life-balance. She gave London Fashion Week a miss this season (and all the glamour, free champagne and blow dries that come with it) to instead spend time with her family. It perfectly demonstrates how as women, we are often torn between what’s best for our families and what we want to do with our lives career wise.

The lovely Simone at The Bottom of the Ironing Basket has written about ageing, beauty and confidence that comes with age – which has struck a chord with me.

Alice from More than Toast has opened up about her daughter’s potentially life threatening condition. It has often amazed me how positive and strong Alice is – and now she has even launched her own fabulous online magazine MAMA UK!

And then… the news of Jennie, whose beautiful baby girl Matilda fell asleep and didn’t wake up again. I can’t even begin to understand what she must be going through. My heart, like that of many others, is breaking for Jennie and her family. Life seems so cruel and unjust at times.


  1. I followed the link to the story of baby Mathilda! How sad and how tragic! I also can’t imagine how one goes on! These are the times when we need to hold our babies a little closer and appreciate all the little things good and bad!

  2. February’s an odd one, isn’t it? With the frenetic Christmas and January catch-up period over it is a lovely time to reflect and appreciate. I think recent events have compounded that: I met Jennie and Matilda in the feeding room at BritMums and I have been hugely shocked by what’s happened. Jennie has been so open and full of grace in her grief and I think she is amazing.

    I can’t believe how big little L is getting (‘Big L’? 😉 She is gorgeous like her mummy xx

  3. I agree with Alice above Feb is a odd one. I also have followed Jennie’s story and its heartbreaking. I will have a nosy of those other threads you have linked.

  4. Hi – I thought about this post for a day before commenting, partly because the complete rawness of the final link to the blogger who lost her baby daughter just floored me. No words can ever be an appropriate ‘comment’ to that tragedy. But I wanted to say that I sense your vibe and I agree that we should be reminded every day that things might not be the same tomorrow. It staggers me how much I can get embroiled in daily ‘stuff’ without really stopping to acknowledge how wildly lucky I am in life. Thank you for reminding me. Lou x

  5. How absolutely tragic and heartbreaking, there really are no words. You are so right, taking a step back is exactly what we all need now and again. To look at those little faces and remind ourselves of why we are really here. Thanks for making us all stop and think x

  6. I read through these posts and agree with you that it makes you stop for a (long) moment. Definitely gives you things to reflect on.

  7. A thoughtful and lovely post D – it’s always good to reflect on what’s really important as so tragically highlighted by Jennie’s story. There are no words really. xxx

  8. Life can be so so cruel. I’ve gone the other way though. I am more determined now to document my kids through my blog as I know Jennie has found so much comfort from reading posts about Matilda. Lovely post

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