Mummy stuff

Stuff Lil’ L (3) says

After scrutinising the state of her chipped nail varnish: “Mummy, I need some new nail punish.”

To her father: “Papa, why do you always forget things?”

On the school run: “When I am big, I can take myself to nursery.”

After I told her to use the toilet, wash her hands and tidy up her room: “That’s a boring story.”

To the lady in the café: “My mummy is not allowed real milk, only pretend milk, because of her boobies.” (Her baby sister, whom I breastfeed, is dairy intolerant.)

After I explained the concept of olive spread to her: “So is this pretend butter?”

At Boots, waiting for a prescription: “Mummy, can I bite you in your bum?” Me: “NO!” Lil’ L: “Don’t worry, I’ll just pretend.”

Accusingly: “Mummy, you never ever give me pudding after breakfast.”


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