Mummy stuff

Stuff Lil’ L (3) says

After scrutinising the state of her chipped nail varnish: “Mummy, I need some new nail punish.”

To her father: “Papa, why do you always forget things?”

On the school run: “When I am big, I can take myself to nursery.”

After I told her to use the toilet, wash her hands and tidy up her room: “That’s a boring story.”

To the lady in the café: “My mummy is not allowed real milk, only pretend milk, because of her boobies.” (Her baby sister, whom I breastfeed, is dairy intolerant.)

After I explained the concept of olive spread to her: “So is this pretend butter?”

At Boots, waiting for a prescription: “Mummy, can I bite you in your bum?” Me: “NO!” Lil’ L: “Don’t worry, I’ll just pretend.”

Accusingly: “Mummy, you never ever give me pudding after breakfast.”


  1. Kirsten says

    Hi, I read your blog avidly – little l sounds like my 2 year old son with the things she comes away with!

    I’ve just had a daughter, who I suspect may be dairy intolerant. Can you please maybe email me, or somehow let me know what made you suspect (symptoms etc), and how you for a diagnosis? Something isn’t right, but getting doctors to listen to me is a nightmare.

  2. Aw that’s really cute. I love hearing the things small children come out with. Since having a little brother, my boy has started asking people ”were you ever a baby?”
    Always makes me smile.

  3. Stephanie says

    Love it, I was just thinking this morning I should write down what my son says – to be 3 years old next month – when his dad shaved his beard he went : did the wind blew away the beard? Love it.

  4. Kelleyn says

    So so cute! Love the one where she tells the lady about your no milk situation.

  5. Very sweet…Oliver and her would get on although he’s so sensible at times I’m baffled he’s my child, “Mummy I mustn’t eat chocolate before dinner, OK?”

  6. Love reading your blog, Little L sounds like she knows what she wants! Reminds me of my son, favourite response at the mo – “it really doesn’t matter Mummy” (!!)

  7. So cute! We’re going through the ‘my brother drinks milk from mama’s boobies’ stage … shouted at the top of his voice … everywhere. Most enjoyable.

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