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A hell of a week

Better together.

Better together.

So. Eight days without Big M in the house. That was interesting. Read: IT WAS BLOODY AWFUL! Both kids became ill the night my husband left. Murphy’s Law at its best.

And even when the girls slept through again, I couldn’t fall asleepBig M is back now, and order is somewhat restored. Though the past week has taken its toll on me. I feel stiff like a board. My shoulder/neck/upper back are practically immobile. Also, I have realised that for me, sleep deprivation and feeling depressed go hand in hand. A few nights of broken sleep are enough to play havoc with my mood. The smallest things are tipping me over the edge. It’s as if life had lost its colour and everything starts to feel a little pointless.

It’s nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a couple of slept-through nights and a few proper meals (my diet is very poor at the moment, but more on that later). However, the past week has also shown me that am not very good at doing it alone. The sense of sole responsibility has been weighing me down all week, and I am much more relying on my husband than I sometimes would like to admit. Or give him credit for.

In other words: thank you, Big M. You’re the best.


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