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A hell of a week

Better together.

Better together.

So. Eight days without Big M in the house. That was interesting. Read: IT WAS BLOODY AWFUL! Both kids became ill the night my husband left. Murphy’s Law at its best.

And even when the girls slept through again, I couldn’t fall asleepBig M is back now, and order is somewhat restored. Though the past week has taken its toll on me. I feel stiff like a board. My shoulder/neck/upper back are practically immobile. Also, I have realised that for me, sleep deprivation and feeling depressed go hand in hand. A few nights of broken sleep are enough to play havoc with my mood. The smallest things are tipping me over the edge. It’s as if life had lost its colour and everything starts to feel a little pointless.

It’s nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a couple of slept-through nights and a few proper meals (my diet is very poor at the moment, but more on that later). However, the past week has also shown me that am not very good at doing it alone. The sense of sole responsibility has been weighing me down all week, and I am much more relying on my husband than I sometimes would like to admit. Or give him credit for.

In other words: thank you, Big M. You’re the best.


  1. Let me know if you want the number of an excellent chiropractor in Marble Arch who might be able to help with the stiffness… Glad you got through it, though! x

  2. I have always said that sleep deprivation really exacerbates my depression. I was and am like a she devil when I have not had enough sleep. Everyone suffers. MadDad has been a gem this weekend as he left me in bed till 10am on both days to catch up a little

  3. I am glad that order has been restored. And I hope Mr M is feeling all zen like after his week of relaxation!

  4. Big M says

    Ditto! Thank you for making me go!
    Never been happier to be back from holiday….

  5. Sleep deprivation is the worst. I have been struggling with it for a while now and when I have a bad night, it just makes my whole situation seem ten times more awful. I hope you get some rest now that he is back.

  6. You are a superstar for making it…sleep, can you squeeze in a massage or steam bath or something that will loosen your muscles….

  7. So glad he’s back home and so sorry it was so tough for you lovely. I have so much respect for my single mummy friends as having another parent makes life easier. Sleep deprivation is the enemy and makes everything feel worse. Hope you are eating and sleeping much better x

  8. This week I had two very bad night’s sleep (for various reasns) then on the morning after the second one I burst into tears for no reason after the school run. I cried and cried till I exhausted myself. That’s me with no sleep. And you can only imagine what I was like when I had no sleep AND a toddler. Nightmare. Yay for Big M’s return! x

  9. Roll on the day when you can have YOUR break away.

    My kids were always ill when Husband was away. Once, when they were little, I booked a doctor’s appointment for the week when Husband was going to be away. I did it because I thought – Murphy’s Law – if I book the appointment, then they won’t be ill after all. Actually, they were, and I used the appointment (and didn’t have to argue with a defensive medical receptionist, which was the bonus).

  10. I’ve been through that kind of triple whammy as I’m sure many have and it’s hellish. So glad he’s back to help take the edge off and hope you’re getting as much rest as you need. Sleep deprivation is the worst and yes, it changes your mood and outlook completely!

    And respect to single mothers, every time! x

  11. that is so horrible that they were sick!!! mark is leaving from friday through monday this weekend, so i’ll see how it goes. W goes to bed about an hour and a half after mark gets home so i’ll just pretend like its a weekday. for 4 days. and no weekend break. 🙁

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