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Home alone


Last night I shoved* the husband out the front door and sent him off to Thailand. He’ll be gone for a week of yoga, massages and detoxing. He’ll be enjoying delicious yet healthy meals, breath taking views and the calm and serenity that neither a family of four nor living in London can offer him.

We have been giving each other trips to a resort on Koh Samui as Christmas presents last year. I am supposed to go in October but have become a bit weary about leaving my family for a week. I am not sure I can do it. Could you?

The first night without Big M has been a bit of a nightmare, with the girls taking turns in waking up. I slept from about 1am to 4am. Which isn’t anywhere near enough and hopefully not a taster of what’s to come for the rest of the week.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. My heart is quite fond of my husband already, thank you very much. He wouldn’t have had to travel to the other side of the world to make me miss him. I miss him enough when he’s in his office in Farringdon and late for dinner.

Anyway, now that he’s gone, let the chaos reign. To keep damages to a minimum, Mr Waitrose will come a little later and drop off bags of easy-to-cook comfort food (so much for the detox). Also, a large can of Batiste will hopefully see me through the week without looking like a ragdoll.

*I literally pushed him out of the house, as he had some last minute second thoughts about his trip and about leaving us for a week. He’s almost too good to be true.

Again, hats off to all the single parents out there. I don’t know how you do it.


  1. Oh dear, so not that great a night then…. poor you, it’s super tough juggling on your own without him there. As the days go on I’m sure it will become more manageable (maybe not easy, but hopefully manageable!) x

  2. Hi Deborah. This is an interesting and rather incredible present you gave each other! It will be good to see how you get on with your trip (if you decide to go). Not sure whether I would be able to do that… So got used to having my child permanently attached to me that when I get an opportunity to venture out for dinner with friends by myself, it always feels like something is missing:)
    Hopefully, you will survive this week!

  3. Bless you! I feel for you! Ready meals and Batiste (can’t live without Batiste dry shampoo or Tigi’s version at the moment with a newborn little boy and 2 older boys..) sounds like a good plan to cope this week. I would probably add some chocolate and tiny bit of wine as well..;)
    Hopefully you get a better night tonight! Take care x

  4. That’s an interesting present to give each other! I’d love the time away, but not sure I’d be able to enjoy it alone so much. Can you go with a friend?

  5. I bet you’re counting the days ’til he returns! I think its a great gift idea for each other – although very brave with a whole week! Lovely that you can plan your own little get-away for later in the year – sounds like bliss with all those lovely treatments.

  6. I had to google Batiste. I assumed it was something alcoholic. I tried dry shampoo once, but honestly, I thought it was quicker to do a hairwash in the shower, and the end result was horrible anyway. But that was decades ago. Maybe dry shampoo has come on since those days.

    I can leave my family, but I would find it hard to fly somewhere. Just in case… And I’m not sure I could do a whole week.

  7. Ah, I know about children tag-teaming nighttime wake ups, have had a few of those here and they aren’t fun. I hope the rest of week goes smoother for you.

  8. When my daughter was younger the answer would be no way. Too difficult for me to leave her. But then I was a single mother and her father was very absent so I worried excessively about what wouyld happen to her her if something happened to me. Now that she’s 15.5, yes I can leave her for a week. I like going places with my husband, but I can see the appeal of this type of rejuvinating trip. I have been thinking of 4 day writers’ retreats, to be honest. A chance to go away by myself and be free of family responsibilities and have all day to WRITE!

    Just put away my Ocado order… I love grocery deliveries. Wish I had them when my daughter was as young as yours!

  9. Hi! Even if I’m usually stressed juggling family and work life, I just can’t imagine not being with my son for a whole week! I’d be more stressed with worry than relaxed! Arghhhhh! 🙂

  10. aww that is so awesome that you guys do that! and personally, i could totally leave for a week, haha 🙂 (although, would miss the boys)

  11. My husband is going skiing on Thursday, I only have one kid, but I hear you, sister!
    How do single mothers do it? They are amazing!

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  13. Otilia says

    I hope you do go away in October. You deserve to relax.
    Regarding the single parenting…it’s hard and I’m not looking forward to being by myself with the kids.

  14. Rachel says

    My husband is to go away in April for a week leaving me with 4 month babe, worrying already! He does so much to help : )! X

  15. I love Koh Samui.

    Fabulous pressie for your husband. Hope you get to manage ok without him.

    Saw you on Mummy Scripts blog.


  16. Laura P says

    I think you should try a weekend away before your trip in October, see how you fare (and also, if you like it – extra trip away, wooo !). Sometimes I contemplate checking into a hotel for the night, but I wouldnt sleep anyway, I’d spend all night watching bad tv in bed and come home even more tired than usual.
    Spa weekend as a taster trip I think xx

  17. Great idea!
    Wondering if my man would give me the 20 day detox trip to India now the kids are 5 and 9… XXX

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