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Out of tune

Gstaad 20136

The world and I are out of tune. All around me, humankind is manically fiddling in a flashmob-like mass string quartet. And here I am, banging on my steel drum. PLONK. PLONK.

Here and now…

I would like to say that the world has started to turn faster, that time has been flying since we have become a family of four. But it’s not that. It’s not them. It’s me.

I have become incredibly slow. I am floating in a bubble of simple-pleasures-happiness in a world that wants me to want. That wants me to be ambitious, driven. That wants me to chase after the next big thing, bling, kerching. But I am not. (PLONK, PLONK goes the steel drum.)

I don’t want to want. And I am feeling strangely guilty about this not wanting, not planning and not reaching. As if I had agreed to play a game and then wanted to change the rules mid-match.

For the first time in my life, I am Zen. I just am, here and now. And I don’t even do yoga.

In the absence of images of my steel drum and me, I treat you to a few images of our vacation in the beautiful Swiss mountains. Where time really does stand still.


  1. Maybe you’ve found your place (for now anyhow). No need to search for the ‘next big thing’ or wanting to feel part of the whirlwind of life going on around you. And that’s ok. Dance to your own tune, even if it’s a plonk plonk on the steel drum, and enjoy it.

  2. Liebe Debbie,

    You simply ARE. Now. This is what life is about. When you find yourself being, just now, in the moment.
    Don’t feel guilty, as it is LIFE. Simple.
    It is an illusion, we believe to be reality… wanting, needing to chase the next moment or as some, still living in the past. When we do this, when do we live? We don’t.
    There is no past, it is gone. The further? We don’t know what it brings. So why worry about it?
    You found yourself in the present moment, there is only this one present moment.
    I love to this post. Wonderful, pure love.

    You are, you live. Just now. As this is all there is.

    Enjoy it. Enjoy this very precious moment. You found your center. This is IT.

    So much love, dear Friend,


  3. Oh how I wish I had that zen-ness back! Yours is catching I hope, having read this post. Evocative writing and lovely images. Lou x

  4. I remember the late stage of pregnancy as being like that. Maybe it’s a hormonal thing. It sounds rather wonderful, when you describe it.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photos. And what a great feeling of not wanting and just being. You are obviously nicely settled into your family of four – bliss. Enjoy this time xx

  6. Don’t overthink it, just enjoy it. Most of the other stuff isn’t important anyway.

  7. That sounds like absolute bliss! I wish I could feel like that now and then..
    Beautiful pictures!!!
    Lots of love

  8. I’m not sure that you’re out of tune, I think the tune might be changing a bit for everyone- there was a time where life was rather invaded, consumed by a consumer lifestyle that I think is falling away a little. I’m not saying we all don’t still admire nice things but I think for whatever reason that kind of frenzy has changed a bit.

    And in your life I think you are just happy and settled my dear so the call is a bit quieter, you’re busy being a Mum to a tiny one and while she needs you very much I guess the rest of the world is quieter.

    Sound wonderful!

    See you soon xx

  9. this was beautiful writing, i feel the same lately. and returning to work is looming and threatening to ruin my zen. so sad.

  10. I think you are in tune in the zone with your lovely family. How lucky you are

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