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Out of tune

Gstaad 20136

The world and I are out of tune. All around me, humankind is manically fiddling in a flashmob-like mass string quartet. And here I am, banging on my steel drum. PLONK. PLONK.

Here and now…

I would like to say that the world has started to turn faster, that time has been flying since we have become a family of four. But it’s not that. It’s not them. It’s me.

I have become incredibly slow. I am floating in a bubble of simple-pleasures-happiness in a world that wants me to want. That wants me to be ambitious, driven. That wants me to chase after the next big thing, bling, kerching. But I am not. (PLONK, PLONK goes the steel drum.)

I don’t want to want. And I am feeling strangely guilty about this not wanting, not planning and not reaching. As if I had agreed to play a game and then wanted to change the rules mid-match.

For the first time in my life, I am Zen. I just am, here and now. And I don’t even do yoga.

In the absence of images of my steel drum and me, I treat you to a few images of our vacation in the beautiful Swiss mountains. Where time really does stand still.


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