Zenning for amateurs


While some of us have the indisputable pleasure to be zen’ed and detoxed in a luxurious spa resort in Thailand, others have to resort (ha!) to more creative measures to bring some catharsis into their lives.

I don’t want to lie, deep relaxation is not the state you will find me in after juggling a baby and a preschooler through a day in Central London. But with these little helpers, you can at least pretend to have a sense of mind body soul balance in your life.

Yogi Tea. It’s like meditation in a cup.

Yogi Tea

Why not start the day with a cup of herbal tea? It’s got little pseudo-Buddhist messages printed on each of its teabag labels. Almost as good as meditation. And when the caffeine withdrawal makes the headaches unbearable around 9am, you can sigh audibly ‘Ah, that’s the detox setting in’. Just before you nip into the next Starbucks to end your ordeal.

Foam Roller

Not quite as exotic as a Thai massage, but at least twice as painful. I don’t know why they called it foam roller – the thing is hard as a rock. The idea is that you roll over all the smaller and bigger knots in your legs, back and shoulders, using your own body weight to knead tensions away. It is recommended to use a towel to support your head. You can also use it to muffle your screams.


Of course, you can mindfully walk barefoot along a nature path and tread water, stepping through alternatingly warm and cool pools. Or you can turn the lever in your shower from ice cold to somewhat warm, again and again, as long as you like. Et voila: Kneipping at the home front. Nothing to wake up your senses like an ice-cold jet of water down your back.

Pah, Thailand.


  1. Me too, I love to detox on some herbal or green tea. I have been drinking some matcha recently and apparently this is the super green tea to detox.

  2. Otilia says

    Relaxation…I don’t get to do to very often.
    If baby falls asleep in the pram after I drop Kara to nursery then I walk to the local coffee shop and relax over a cup of coffee.
    Chamomile tea relaxes me too though.

  3. But I have to partake of it in the middle of the day. No time in the morning, and not much bathroom availability in the evening (one bathroom, five people). It feels like a guilty pleasure, but my policy of guilt-dropping means that it’s becoming a luxurious pleasure.

    Chocolate is a good addition, though a bit melty in a hot bath.

  4. Had a recent spa day that was wonderfully relaxing leaving me ready to sleep…sadly my teething baby didn’t get the memo!

  5. I will tell you what we need, Deborah: why don’t we go together a month in India or Thailand and leave all the family duties to our husbands?
    From time to time, we mums need a break. The thing is, it is easier said than done. I wish I could jump on a plane and relax/zen. If only!

  6. I’m too cheap to pay for spas and too fluffy brained to meditate. I spend a lot of time during the day beside myself which is really restorative and I head to bed at 1pm most afternoons for some quiet reading and sometimes a snooze which always does the trick. (Bit of an impediment to getting a job though…)

  7. Ooops thought I just posted my comment, hangover blurring the vision a bit. Def needed some of that lovely herbal tea last night rather than that extra one (Ok two) glasses of vino. A snooze in the arvo always does the zen trick pour moi.

  8. I love the Yogi tea! Have not had it since we lived in Stockholm! Need to stock up on some! Roobios tea (with vanilla flavour or when i can find it…with rhurbarb and cream flavour..or the champagne & cream flavour – love it!) keeps me calm..Also a spoonful of red tea now and then helped my little one when he had colic!
    Have a nice day!

  9. I have about 15 herbal teas in my cupboard, but I am in the morning coffee habit. The rest of the day is Zen drinking though!

    My relaxation is a good, hard reflexology session… which reminds me, must book one!

    Hope you’re feeling more rested and zenned up now that Big M is back! xx

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