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About last weekend

About last weekend4In many ways, the last weekend has been the most productive by far in a very long time. 

About last weekend3

Is it just me or does this balloon look a little odd?

We have been social (not always the case with a new-ish baby): We saw friends, went to a restaurant AND a birthday party.

About last weekend1

I finished a project I had postponed forever: A bit of an IKEA hack for Little L, aka ‘painting a Moppe’.

About last weekend5

We went to the park. Twice.

We (thanks, Big M!) updated the blog. Backup, new theme, some (ongoing) tidy-up work.


And finally, and maybe most importantly, I managed to articulate my current anger and frustration. A few things have been bugging me recently, but I have been too tired and exhausted to find a way to get them out in a way that someone else would be able to make sense of it all. But more of that later…




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