Carte Noire interactive window installation at Westfield Stratford

Carte Noire interactive window installation at Westfield Stratford

Coffee: The perfect way to start a day. The perfect way to end a meal. A pick me up. A wind me down. The drug of my choice.

I have written about coffee before, many a times on this blog. I love coffee. I would even dare to say I am a coffee aficionada. Ideally, mine is a single espresso from freshly ground beans, topped up with steaming hot frothy milk.

My other love, however, doesn’t always allow for that perfect café latte. Travelling (unless I am travelling to Italy) means I have be a little inventive to come up with something that’s similarly delicious yet easily accessible.

The house we are renting in France each summer has all but an espresso machine. It was during our first summer down south that I discovered Carte Noire. Little sticks filled with whole bean, 100% Arabica instant coffee. Pour it in a cup and top up with hot milk – et voila, the quickest yet most intense café latte you can hope for.

To discover the intensity inside every tin of Wholebean Instant, Carte Noire has created a window display like you’ve never seen before. The interactive installation is up at Westfield Stratford for the last day today – pop by if you are in the area. Or if you are looking for an excuse to go shopping…

For a chance to win a year’s worth of Carte Noire instant wholebean coffee, leave me a comment and tell me a little about your coffee love. Competition closes on Monday, 22 April 2013 at noon.

If you miss the competiotion, you can still enter on Facebook.


This competition is now closed. And the winner is…

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sarahsscribbles. Many congrats!


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