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First day of Spring

first day of Spring

It seems Spring has come upon us with a vengeance – after what felt like The Eternal Winter.

We have spent the first day of Spring en famille. Breakfast at home. Watching the Pea greedily stuffing her face with toast, cracking up as she fed herself in clumsy excitement.

Lunch and cakes at Carluccios. A weekend favourite.

Something healthy for Big M. Something a little less healthy for me.

Taking off our coats. Cycling. Picking up fallen magnolias.

It’s been a lovely day. How have you spent yours?


  1. We walked up Arthur’s Seat (251m). We were subjected to jokes all the way up about Arthur’s Butt. We were nearly blown off the top – always so windy here in Scotland. That gave rise to more bottom-related jokes, of course.

    Yes, it’s wonderful to be out and about, and for things not to be so GREY all the time.

  2. All of us at home, indoors, having tummy bug….Not happy;) specially after this extremely long winter. I kept on checking the weather report, charcoal purchased, BBQ cleaned..oh well…hopefully next weekend…

  3. Rachel says

    Painting our front room Pavillion Grey and having scones and cream and jam when it was all done. Also took baby T into the garden to feel the sunshine on his cheeks x

  4. My god, what a change! I am starting to like it here more again 😉 Kidding. I actually ventured into the cottage garden and got one of the flower beds ready for planting some veg seeds. I am no gardener, but house came with and, well, why not use it 🙂

  5. It finally feels as though it is here doesn’t it! My little Sausage, enjoyed his first Al Fresco lunch on the patio. Mushing and chomping on crumpet. Like you say its incredible how excited they get when they realise they are actually feeding themselves!

  6. Oh lush! We escaped to Robin Hood’s Bay on the coast in Yorkshire for a long weekend which was incredible (it’s a world heritage site) and is instantly calming. I need to live by the sea!

  7. We started Sunday with chocolate chip pancakes at home, then a walk / cycle ride to the park with Harvey the Hound. And the afternoon my son had 3 friends over to play their new obsession ‘Minecraft’ and my daughter went off to play with another friend. I sat at watched ‘The Hours’ which I’d been meaning to see forever. Great movie.
    And those treats at Carluccios look FAB!

  8. Oh lovely, we didn’t get much sun here but it was at least warm.

  9. Gorgeous Magnolias. We have a tree opposite our house just blossoming now, really Springtime – hurray! We have been maxing time in the garden and park since we returned and loving not having all the bulkiness of winter wear! xx ps Pea’s cheeks are just delicious!

  10. It’s springtime here too. Took the boys to the park yesterday and had the first ice cream from the van of the season. The magnolias and cherries are all in bloom and there are ducklings on the pond.

  11. hooray! I made a healthy quiche and have decided quiche shouldn’t really be healthy… it wasn’t my finest cooking! went for a walk by the river and then second hand book shopping and ended up in the newly planted garden (decking) with a glass of wine 🙂

  12. Elsie button says

    How lovely! – spring in London, but not here??! And gooorgeous little bubba xxx

  13. We have spent most afternoons in the sandpit and taken every possible opportunity to walk places instead of taking the car. I am desperate for summer now, let’s skip spring!

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