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Nachos and beer

Had to resort to Rioja in the absence of beer

Had to resort to Rioja in the absence of beer

In line with the contents of my more recent diet, this post is called Nachos and Beer. OK, maybe there wasn’t that much beer (or not as much as I would have liked), but nachos definitely played a recurring role in my daily regime.

Nachos, handfuls of Haribos and toast. Toast with ham, toast with jam and toast with toast. Apart from being incredibly bored from my diet, I also feel increasingly exhausted. I am still breastfeeding in the mornings and evenings. Thanks to Pea’s dairy intolerance, I am also still living completely dairy free – which means that a lot of my diet staples such as cheese, yogurt and pastries have disappeared without adequate replacement.

Time is my worst enemy when it comes to making healthy choices. In theory, I know what I am supposed to eat and how much of it. In reality though, grabbing a few slices of bread from the freezer and popping them into the toaster is so much easier than chopping veg after a long day with two small children. Add to that the inability to sit down for a meal (just way too hyper), and out comes not only an unhealthy diet, but also way too small portions.

On the upside, I haven’t even thought about a diet and yet my baby fat has almost completely vanished. From the initial 17 kilos I had put on (2.7 stone), a meagre 4 pounds are left. On the downside, my mood is even lower than my weight. I am feeling washed-out, irritable and tired – despite sleeping for eight hours every night.

I need to change my diet. DESPERATELY! Everybody around me seems to be on a healthy eating quest. Check out Mrs B, who’s training for a marathon, Lisa Gusto, who went on a juice cleanse (looking ridiculously radiant, but not for me, I am afraid) or Margarita, who is looking to find a happy healthy balance.

And as I am so out of tune that I can’t even imagine how to eat healthily anymore, I am going to kick-start my lifestyle changes with a food delivery. A diet on my doorstep. Someone else will wrack their brains, go to the market and sweat over pots and pans (but hopefully not into them).

I have done it before and loved it. Previously, I have ordered from Bodychef and SoulmateFood. This time, I am going to give Purepackage a try, as they do a superfoods charged post baby menu. I shall let you know how it goes and which diet delivery company does it best.