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Ladies who lunch

covent garden hotel Yesterday, I had the pleasure to meet my blog friend Rosie Scribble (the one of Google+ fame) for lunch. A rather civilised affaire at the Covent Garden Hotel, with crisp white napkins, iced water in tall goblets and crunchy bread rolls that nestled neatly on small white plates to our lefts.

I love blogging for that. For creating friendships and slowly but surely spilling from online relationships into the real world. You might feel a little funny at first, sitting in front of someone you have only met in the flesh a couple of times, yet know so well. But as soon as you have gotten over yourself and the awkwardness, you are in for a great time.

brasserie max

Although Rosie and I are quite similar – similar upbringing with similar hurdles to overcome – I don’t think we would have managed to carve out a friendship in real life only. Rosie is living in Nottinghamshire and commuting between London and home. I am living in London with two small kids. There is little time for regular meet ups and keeping in touch. Thanks to blogging though, we knew what the other one had been up to, even though we hadn’t seen each other in a while.

It was lovely to see how much good the new job is doing Rosie. As if a light was shining right out of her.

We talked about the importance of having a constant source of success. An affirmation of skills and talents. Something that motherhood alone cannot offer. For me, there is no sense of achievement in constantly wiping bottoms, noses and/or surfaces. I don’t revel in keeping the house tidy, the kids happy and running five loads of washing a day. Having seen Rosie, I realised even more how much I need to hang on to my own career and push forward to get my book published*.

Where we went Brasserie Max at The Covent Garden Hotel, 10 Monmouth Street, London WC2H 9HB, Tel.: 020 7806 1007

What we ate Rosie: Penne with chargrilled broccoli, basil pesto and pine nuts; Deborah: Caesar Salad with chicken, followed by Eton Mess on both parts

*blog post on that matter to follow



  1. sounds perfect! I don’t think it’s just being a Mother that means you need constant affirmation, I do a seriousl good job at my job but have the kind of immediate boss who puts me down all the time and I definitely think carrot works better in life than stick!

    Your lunch looks lovely thought, I believe I have enjoyed very nice meal there myself 😉

    And yes let me know when is good for you dates wise, and any postcode is fine for me (I live in a good one now 😉 or of course we could meet up West. I should really take some time off soon! or we can brunch xx

  2. cheryl says

    Totally agree with you, I work part time and I love my little job, its basically the same job I’ve done for years, just less hours, it sort of fits in and is sometimes stressful switching from mummy mode to work mode but after an hour or so, I forget about nappies and cooking dinner and think about ‘work’ stuff and that time out keeps me sane! I totally admire woman who do it full time, being a mummy is the hardest job in the world!!!!! Don’t let anyone tell you different!

    Keep up with your blog, its kept me interested for over 3 years now since I had my first, I enjoy reading what is happening outside! Haha

  3. Oh, I’d love to have been a fly on the wall.

    FIVE loads of laundry a day? Really?

  4. Met a couple of ‘blogging friends’ for the first time recently and it is the weirdest thing, at first, talking to someone when at the back of your mind you are thinking ‘ oh, I know so much about you’. Weirdest and nicest thing, because you get to bond so quickly and it saves you all that ‘explaining’ time. Lovely world of bloggers:)

  5. Such a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful daughter Met Mum, and the surroundings were pretty lovely too! That’s what I really love about blogging – the places it’s taken me and the fabulous people I’ve met as a result. Thank you xx

  6. Blogging really does expand our friendship horizons. I’ve become good friends with people who I would never had met in real life if it were not for blogging. I like the sound of the lunch meet up, very civilised x

  7. I always think that it must be really strange to hear someone’s voice and accent. We have a vague idea from photos of what people look like but voice and mannerisms are so personal. It must be strange the first time you meet someone that you’ve known only online.

  8. Yes that is definitely the best side of blogging: meeting new chums we might never have crossed paths with in the ‘real world.’

  9. What a lovely lunch! I have yet to meet a URL friend IRL and am actually quite scared to, what if they think I’m a complete goober? Yes to the need for affirmation outside the kid thing. My husband is great at telling me what a tricky hard job it all is, bless him, but eventually you need to be paid for doing something (which I have not quite mastered beyond pin money)

  10. You are so right! Blogging is great for meeting new friends. I personally think that it has made me a lot less isolated. I am so glad that you had such a nice lunch!

  11. that last paragraph is so true, thats why ultimately i really liked going back to work way more than i thought i would, i feel competent there in a different way and that is much needed!

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